1 Trick That Works For All Rappers (Guaranteed!)

This is something I personally realized I was doing that subliminally HURT my music creation abilities and the amount of time I spent working on music.
Bear with me here because this might sound crazy but I promise this will make the difference in the long run.
And remember I try to make you guys and girls smarter and I often teach that these slight little things make a big difference.
How does it feel to you if I tell you, You gotta go to WORK.
More WORK needs to be done.
Check this out
The word WORK, sounds like what… it sounds like a task we really just.. don’t want to do, right?
Well I’m telling you this because I caught myself doing THIS all the time and I noticed it hurt the amount of music I made.
Every time I would go to WORK on music I would say just that… WORK ON MUSIC.
I stopped myself one day about 3 months ago and thought… did I just say WORK… on music.
I should never be WORKING on music… It’s not a job, it’s something that is supposed to be FUN to me….
I should be saying, I need to go CREATE some music.
Since I started saying CREATE instead of work.. I’ve noticed when i think about going to create music, it seems more fun and like something I actually want to do.
Creation is artistic and fun… working… work… work sounds like work…
If we love what we do, we never WORK a day in our life, right?
Well make that small change and start saying, I am going to go CREATE music and I can guarantee within a months time you are CREATING or MAKING more music than you were before when you were saying WORK on music.
Give it a try.
I wouldn’t have made this a video if I didn’t feel it would be helpful.
Small changes add up to big things!
You just became a little bit smarter!

– Rob Level

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