Marketing Strategies That Actually Work

The Problems I Had That You Probably Have Now

Through my years of building my music career I never had money like the big artist. 

I didn’t have major labels giving me money to push my music like the big artist.

I didn’t have the big connections to get spread to other fan bases like the big artist.

I didn’t have a marketing department like a big label that was full of people paid to market my music.

I didn’t have a big time publicist to go out there and market my music to their many connections in the music industry.

All I had was….. well myself and a few bucks (because I have bills and no parents or family to support me).

So I had to be a creative, effective and most importantly, a smart rapper.

Kendrick Lamar Thumbs up

You may think you know this but there is a psychology behind the reason why we don’t market new songs as artist.

We are artist, we would rather work on music all day than do any of this marketing stuff and trust me I completely understand that.

The big artist have it made!

They just get to sit in a studio all day and make music, acting like that’s a tough job while their labels do all of the hard work which is actually the marketing.

That hard part about being independent is that we have to do everything ourselves from the marketing ourselves, mixing our own music, shoot our own videos, etc etc etc the list is so long!

If we don’t do them, we have to find someone to do them! Big artist don’t! That’s why they can seamlessly just keep creating songs in-between live shows and appearances.

What me and you really want is to just be able to make music all day long and have people relate and love us for it.

Where this came from

*I created my YouTube channel for myself in 2010.

Over the last 7+ years every time I had a marketing idea that I thought could help me, I put it into a ‘Music Marketing Ideas List’.

This E-book is those 7+ years worth of creative ideas plus many many more ideas.

I took the long a** list, went back in and completely structured the ideas and organized them from most effective to smart.

Then I gave information about each idea so you understand why it works or how to do it, fully explained.

I have used nearly every single idea in this E-book and if I haven’t I plan on it when the time is right.

examples from the ebook

So what’s inside this E-book? Fully detailed ideas and explanations of why they work.

Here is 1 of the 100+ ideas

#6 Create Controversy (Free To Do)

Eminem’s entire career was built on controversy. Actually Dr. Dre’s career was too. And Just about every major rap artist out there who is massive.

50 Cent = Shot 9 Times

Eminem = Dissing His Mother, Baby Momma, Every Celeb and more

Dr. Dre = Fuck The Police made N.W.A. a household name

Why does controversy work? Because it makes people talk about you. If you aren’t doing something that makes people talk about you, then why the hell are you even doing it? You need people talking about you so your music and name spreads. It’s really common sense.

Why do you think rappers start putting illuminatic symbols in their videos after they get in the game even though they are literally nothing near illuminati related (if you only knew haha.) It’s all so people talk about them.

Look at how illuminatically based every Lady Gaga action just to be talked about from 2010 at the start of her career on. Or how sexually charged every single other artist was when they came out. Why do you think the media is always talking about people? It’s because they purposefully create controversy.

Go look at anything Stitches has ever done. Why does he even get talked about? Because he creates fake rumors and controversy around himself. The list goes on to any artist you know of today in a major way.

Kanye’s entire career is controversial. His outburst, his mic stealing, his comments, all promoted intensely after he does them. This keeps more eyeballs on him and it is a major reason he is as big as he is.

If he was just a nice humble guy, he would only get talked about when an album released. Instead he gets talked about all year long, something new every quarter.

I once created controversy and got 10 Million Eyeballs On me instantly. It works. A bit too well sometimes.  

The poor Kid hustle
When you are working jobs making enough just to survive it forces you to get creative and come up with ideas that a person with money would never even consider.

Smart, creative ideas.

In order to gain a fan base I had to find ways to gain fans using out of the box techniques and tricks.

I had to be a “Smart Rapper”. The out of the box ideas and perspective I offer on this site is actually the main reason why I named it Smart Rapper.

A huge piece of that is my marketing ideas that 99.9% of artist don’t even consider doing.

They all add up fast

Some people think about blowing up overnight. Nothing ever happens over night.

Anyone with half a brain knows that ‘Over night’ means 5-10 years until BOOM it all happens for you. (Unless you have an inside industry team investing resources into you in which case you blow up by 20-24 like some rappers you see.)

Just Check Out This Video On How Long It Takes Rappers To Make It.

Took Future 15+ Years, Lil Wayne 13 Years, 2 Chainz 20 Years…

The truth is, every single solitary fan adds up 1 by 1 until you have a true fan base.

donald glover childish gambino thumbs up gif

People don’t see things like Taylor Swift getting signed at 14 or doing 100s of State Fairs shaking 100,000 people’s hands after shows until she finally blew up 8 years after she already had a record deal.

Or things like Katy Perry, Sia,  Neo and Bruno Mars writing songs for major artist for nearly 10 years before they had their own independent artist career.

Things take time. Anything that comes easy can disappear just as easily.

So the mindset you need to establish is that If you can gain just 1 fan a day starting out, that is 365 true fans a year.

Then those 365 fans of your music tell people and then those people tell people and by year 2 you suddenly have 5,000 fans.

Year 3 – 30,000, year 4 – 100,000, year 5 you feel the explosion coming.

And that’s only if you were gaining 1 fan a day! Imagine gaining 10-20 new fans everyday. You just have to think outside the box and apply ideas that all add up in the bigger picture.

What this gives you

I start off by providing you the ideas that will truly get you the biggest results if you start applying them today.

It’s ideas, tricks, techniques, mindset shifters and more that will really kick start and fire up your brain into the mindset of marketing music.

Once you see the ideas you will start thinking of every resource you have at your disposal and then come up with even more ideas and start thinking like a creative genius to get your music heard.

Every extra marketing idea you can put into your head will start transforming your mind into a marketing machine.

The mindset of learning strategies to get your music heard is what will give you a major edge over other artist out there.

Because you are doing things they are not doing and you are gaining fans in ways that 50,000,000 other music artist aren’t already marketing their music. This approach to gaining fans helps you gain a fan and keep a fan easier.

I guarantee after you read/listen to this E-book you will start thinking about music marketing in a whole different light.

You’ll start consider ideas for marketing you never considered before and you’ll grow a fan base 10 times faster than you are doing right now.

dont miss out

After you go through this e-book if you are a person who is serious about growing as a music artist, you will probably send me an e-mail thanking me.

Today is the day that can lead you down a path to growing a massive fan base if you have the heart, work ethic, drive and dedication to continue pushing and make it all happen. I wish the best of luck to you and sincerely believe that if I made it this far, anyone can make it anywhere they put their minds too.

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Start learning and applying them today to start growing your fan base to where you want it to be.

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