3 Amazing Tips For Your 1st Live Rap Show

3 Amazing Tips For Your 1st Live Rap Show




3 Tips To Make Your First Live Show Crazy Memorable

There are a few things you need when performing as a hip hop artist

1) You need massive energy when you are on stage.

People love high energy shows.

2) You need crowd control to get people involved in your music more When you give the crowd commands they get more involved with you and feel like they aren’t just watching a show but they are now part of the show. This helps create a great experience with people at any show even if you are just the opener. Get the crowd involved

3) You need to do at least 1 CRAZY thing while on stage before you leave. Something that will make people remember you and talk about you for the days to come. This helps you spread across social media and word of mouth Something outlandish just needs to be something so out of the box they never saw it coming.

Talk about the glitter guy and how as weird as it seems, I still tell people about that to this day MGK getting head on stage is still talked about Back up dancers that do something crazy Even throwing T shirts that say CRAZY things on them into the crowd helps.

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