3 Phone Apps Rappers NEED to Succeed!

3 Phone Apps Rappers NEED to Succeed!

What a small rapper family today we’re talking about three phone apps that are rappers. You really should. You really should use these these are going to make your job easier as a rapper is going to help you really make songs easier. Can help you remember your ideas. And it’s just gonna have you overall this why this is gold smart rapper and you guys get smart. These tools are going to make your life easier and be smarter at the same time. All right I’m Rob level this is my Rappard dot com and you’re about to get smarter and learn about those three apps right after the intro. Number one the thing that should Nina you probably already have this if you know what you’re doing but don’t forget. I teach people from beginner level to advanced level. Everything has to do with wrapping and mindset and career and everything like that. What you need have a recorder in your phone and I’m not talking about the normal recorder that comes preinstalled on your phone. There are apps out there that you have advanced features extra features and things like that that you can use and download. Even free or maybe at the top five dollars. Me I currently use a free version of tape tape recorder and I’ve been using it for years. And you can set up to have a big record button. You never missed a record but when you hit it also you could rename the files you can send them to yourself using Gmail using any e-mail putting into a Google Drive. You never lose your files or you can just transfer them straight over and if you guys have any of my courses like how to write lyrics scores for me how to write kuris course you see that I use it when I’m writing songs. Because what you do is you record any melodies or ideas that you have for a being you’ve called into the tape recorder before you work on the song went out out and about or even when you’re working on a song like just transfer those files and put them in the same folder that you created the song with. OK. So you have you need to have a tape recorder you never want to miss out on having an idea or a melody or a rhythm that you can use later you need a recorder. OK so for Android phones tape it’s opCode. Not sure if they have it for iPhone but there are going to be other ones that are just as good for Apple. Get out there grab it install it do it now doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo. Number two I highly highly recommend this and I was going to make a separate video of my phone charger now. There’s another thing that you really need to have because you can’t always whenever you in public you can always record your around people we can’t record idea you might live like a frickin lunatic when you like hit a bed with a Volvo. You don’t stand people that you know you feel stupid. But another thing you need to do is you need to have a note taking app I personally use color note and it allows me to make a bunch of different little files and they’re all named different things song lyrics best lyrics lyrics in January people that I’ve met and it’s just like there all these things script ideas funny jokes like every little thing that you have a different idea for and they’re all separated perfectly or even like punchline lyrics. What is that on the last punch line. Lyrics Oh wordplay lyrics are you going to have like just different types of anything that you have an idea for you can separate them in a different little notepads and they’ll tell you the idea you go to that notepad you type it in and then you can copy paste it emailed yourself or just send that to your computer when you’re going to write write in everyday. If you’re out and about you’re on and you’re on a school bus or on the bus to work you’re on the train to work you’re in an Uber or you’re just sitting there in a doctor’s office waiting you could just be tied and lyrics and your phone into whatever pad. This is very very useful because what you don’t want to happen is you never want to lose a lyric that you have an idea to write down and you never want to lose an idea that you have right. I mean ideas PED’s stuff like that with prankish. Real quick I’m not sure it is really going to show up on here but I actually get to make another video showed you guys how to set all this stuff up. I got. Hash tags. I mean Elliot Metalist is for people that I met. Best song lyrics song names idea pad G. Do. Whatever. Influence to report Skitz pad for Skitz I have networking lines. Things remind myself for good networking events things to say to people stuff like that side hustle workout routine. You can use it and tons of these things. OK I want to show. I’m going to go for them this in a different video. She gets how to set your phone up to be as helpful as possible but there’s an if you don’t have what I use called Color note but if you don’t have mass for Android but there’s other ones for Apple. Again there’s a one of them so get yourself a notepad. App that allows you to create numerous notes on your on your thing and use that in order to take the notes. This way you don’t have to see your things out loud. You can write them down as well. It’s very helpful. Let’s go and move on to number 3. I highly recommend this app. And this is for getting yourself going in the morning and the name of this app is alarm clock extreme you’ll like it was that rabun. Well this was really cool about the reason I use this app is because it actually has when the alarm goes off in the morning. It requires me to solve mathematics before I wake up and like why would I want to do that when number one. You’re definitely going to get up because your alarm will not turn off and so you solve the math problems you just set the difficulty levels Okay so with you it get up in the morning and you usually just used it and snooze when there’s no snooze button you can turn it off and you have to solve math before it turns off. Turn your phone off it goes again which is really cool. So what’s awesome about this is you’re always going to get up. Okay. The second and the one thing that I really love about this is that as soon as you wake up every single day you start solving that problem. I mean you go from sleeping to solving math problems. The logical side of your brain starts kicking when your day starts. You’re already using your brain right. You get faster and faster math which can help you with a lot of things in life like when you’re doing. You’re going to notice it. Trust me OK because I do it every day. And as I said three to five math problems every time I wake up and how to solve them and I tell you I’m alright. Early wake up my brain is already kicking. I’m ready for the day. It’s like a little secret booster. Get yourself going for the day and then also you’re going to get up because you got to solve math problems you’ve got to get up to record a studio you want to get up because you want to. So right there it’s an hour earlier. So you spin that wake up an hour early to write your lyrics and that part of the day will make sure that you get up and is a very very useful tool not only for mindset in helping yourself adapt to helping yourself evolve and getting your day going. It’s a it’s a really good tool. Now I use along like extreme again that’s for Android. But there are tons of them in the Apple Store and stuff like that for that have alarm clocks with light with mathematics the Jephthah salt. So go check those out. So those are three that I recommend is go over them again. Number one you had tape recorder. OK check. Number two is going to be called the sticky notes or any type of notepad that you can make additional notepads in. And number three is going to be an alarm clock with a math system should be set that up I assume forever family. You just became a smarter rapper. I’m Rob level Dismore Robert ICOM him which are four bars of the day. Do you have any other apps that you recommend for other people to check out that they can install on their phones. Talk about those the blow. And let me see which four bars below for the day I’m always going to see those seriously. Hit me with that like button also with this described button because when you hit subscribe it’s going to notify every summer release a new video hit that little bell button because going to super notify it every time release new video so you don’t miss any of these. Also I moved into doing this now right.

We’re getting word of the day every single day. Right. And what I’m going to use is going to be Merriam Webster a word of the day. So every time you watch videos you got a lot of word too which means that every day you watch this watch a video you’re learning a word. Don’t miss any of my videos today. The word is and it’s I mean you know for you demiurge demiurge crown or what. That is what I’m learning with you. All right. It is one that is autonomous. One is an autonomous creative force or decisive power. What that sounds like me. Oh I love this. Let’s do it again. Demy yours bitch. I’m a dummy. I’m. Going. You’re right. And as well as go ahead and do this I’m also going to take it and I’m going to type in which I always like to do is you take a word. Like demiurge OK the am I you are. I type that into google and I say in a sentence. So we were learning together here we’re getting smarter together here. I’ve been in it in a sentence this way I know how to use it properly. At the same time it is a noun. That’s very useful. So let’s see here use demiurge in a sentence. That’s a really cool word. All right demiurge. All right see if we could find in a sentence real quick. Sending us examples. When it’s easier and subdistricts the Demiurge was called New Moon. It was he who modeled the egg of the world and also a man. So it’s almost like it’s almost like just Pieris is God in general is years and that is a creative force you are the creative force of the music that you create you are the Demiurge of your music of your mixtape of your album. That’s a really cool African word.

Right so if you guys can try to use that in a sentence below this is typically the word won’t be this complicated but it is a really coordinated use you use this in conversation I guarantee you people was a lose lose a smart rapper or jaw with that like him with a comedy you want to put four bars. You want to use this in the sense you’re going to learn words every single day. It’s what I’m here for as I wasn’t I’m not doing this already. Right. And for me to follow me on Instagram I got two hundred fifty five thousand followers and I new word of the day typically on there as well. You’re going to learn and learn and learn and learn it’s at Rob underscore level. OK now check on one of these videos and pictures of the smart wrap. We’re going fast. I mean we’re going to put a number on this but right now we’re live with 35000 subscribers work. Right now we’re growing like crazy right. And then hit go into the scrotum other channel. All right. Check out these videos. Demiurge. All right. See you guys tomorrow with another video and another word. I’m all right with them. I appreciate you.


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