4 Smart Ways To Make Money With Your Home Studio

4 Smart Ways To Make Money With Your Home Studio

What is more our family today. We’re going to talk about a really good when you need to know this and that is for ways to make money with your home studio if you have a home studio at all. This is going to things you can do to help you make your money back for the studio or to expand the studio and get better gear you can get way smarter today on Rob level. This is my Reppert dot com and you’re about to become a smarter rapper after the intro. Ari here’s a couple ideas things you probably didn’t think about doing what you could do. You got home studio for yourself. All right number one is you could do voiceover OK you already have a home studio and you could record yourself and it’s high quality. If you don’t know voiceovers or are voiceovers like when people need somebody else to read a script or to read them to do voiceovers for the cartoon or something small or just just all kinds of videos and how you can do this is you could sign up for a five hour account so f i v e r r dot com now may only be five bucks but you get 10 people to do this. You spend 30 seconds doing a voice over 50 make 50 bucks. You know 50 extra bucks a week all you just because somebody paid you to say 30 words. No he’s ever going to know it’s you. Nobody’s ever going to know it’s you. Ivan voiceovers for commercials and you you never knew that right. No there’s no. But you get paid money. Do they. All right. So today’s product is blah blah blah you like or whatever however they want it delivered and they’ll choose you based on whatever intro video that you make for Fiber Fiber is a great way for you to make money when you can really only do the voiceovers if you have a home studio recording the vocals is a great way for you to make some money. And you only have to do five or you can find other websites where you can do voiceovers. OK you can make little bits of money but it’s better than no money. And eventually when you have a catalog and credentials builds up you can charge more. OK. Or are you going to have bigger offers to follow as you say for fifty dollars. I’ll read a whole e-book for your audio book for you Would you like an hour. Make fifty bucks. It’s the little things that most people don’t think about using or doing to make money and using your home studio. You can do that. Let’s go on number two and I used to do this is how you should make some extra money as you can record other rappers and the area songs. You say hey come over you know 20 bucks 20 bucks an hour 20 bucks out record you mix your stuff up or you just say we’ll just record stuff OK. Because. Rappers need the studio you already built your home studio. They need one. They don’t have one post ads on Craigslist. Just say a little home studio in whatever area and post them up at a school put them on a bulletin board put things up at the local Kmart Wal-Mart board at Kroger grocery store and even maybe like oh ok cool I do want to record something. It doesn’t matter. You can make some money doing that. You I’m saying you sell 10 hours worth the time you make 200 dollars. Right. Debt plus building relationship in a network with that wrapper. This is a way for you to make money I’m assuming some people may have may have a home studio where they lost their job or they just want to make some money. That’s how you do that. OK let’s go on to number three. Number three goes back to what I said in the last one if you have even decent mixing skills. Some people have home studios but they have horrible mixing skills they don’t know how to mix themselves they don’t do anything that maybe even record themselves which you can do is you can have them send them send the vocals that they have and you could make them or they can come into the studio you give them they can record it costs Xam out but you could sell them up charge them for additional costs to mix and master of their songs. Like I mean there’s a lot of a lot of companies make a lot of extra money by selling. The mixing of mastering services and for just 25 to 50 bucks because they know that there’s so many rappers out there so many musicians and artists and I’m coming everything that they need their songs mixed. Right. Well if you can be that person in your area that are doing real quick mixes you’ll have to be amazing which is always you can make a sound clean and sound good. Well they’re going to like Ok cool I’ll get this to 20 bucks to spend 30 minutes on this. So I can release this song on soundcloud this weekend. That’s a good way to make money too. You don’t have to have a crazy amount of skills for these things but also the more that you do it the better you’re going to get them where you can charge. Keep that in mind. This one to number four. Number four. Now I’m not saying you have a crazy cool looking home studio but if you do have a decent looking home studio look Mine’s way above average like mine. I’ve never I’ve had people in here who have half a million students who’ve been like I’ve never seen a home studio like this like because people don’t take shit to the next level like I do I’m all about just growing and with them that whatever. But if you have a decent home studio even without basic gear just like a microphone and you go to a little booth you’ve got some acoustic treatment up you could charge people to come shoot a music video in your studio or you could say hey come here record your song makes this song. You can also shoot your music video in my studio. Right. It doesn’t look crazy cool. If you stuff some of the monitors those are JBL as the red white and black white there. Was only one hundred dollars each right. Maybe 125 Damaso 100 each. Right. Only to really use those they got these eight hundred odd ones now. Eight hundred each. But the thing is is that those are there look really cool in the studio you set those on some fifty dollar monitor stands right. You tell me to get the dollars plus you could use and help yourself mix. OK. Those are really cool you can spruce up your studio. Really cool. Then you could charge people to shoot music videos in your studio. And these are tips for people that are like beginning and just need to get some extra cash may maybe 14 years old and have these things are 18 or maybe 20 21. But I know for a fact. Can. I get those pictures somewhere out there look from though if you can see my you can see my original homestudy on top of my head. Square the square monitors like a cheap CRT monitors and like I mean it was just so I have a shitty little studio. But I was recording myself and people coming in and videos and said I’m a home studio so big deal right. But he’s a little duties you didn’t think about. Don’t ever doubt yourself. Put stuff down. I don’t have enough to do this. You could. You don’t know. You have more than a lot of other people have. If you have a home studio they don’t have to do that. Oh. OK. Like they would they would love to come in there and use your home studio because they want to be they want to be rappers. They want to be smart like us. They want to be able to grow what they need you can charge them make some money. You just became a smarter rapper. But talk about our word of the day today. Today’s word of the day happens to be on here prior. No this word but let’s make sure that we’re on here. It’s called ADAPT. OK. You guys already know what that means in a month’s time right. And dat who dat. Who dat. Fancy Rocchi to make or become fits often modification. Realistically what you are doing by watching these videos is you are adapting to becoming a rapper you’re adapting to the industry you’re adapting to your new lifestyle and a new mindset especially and most importantly the new mindset that you need in order to become a better rapper a smarter rapper grow and become a musician a businessman because it’s these business goes on here. So you’re adapt you consistently adapting Euro. I’m sure you already knew what that meant. But it’s a very good word that you can consistently use in conversation to make yourself seem like all this dude is doing his thing. He’s adapting to the environment into the conversation. OK. He just became a smart rapper I’m Rob level this more Robert ICOM with would like him he would have come in with your four bars for the day. I love seeing you guys before bars below. It’s always fantastic. All right. And then he would subscribe. And when you hit subscribe hit the low bell because it’s going to notify you. Every summer release a new video so you could become a smarter rapper. I’m gonna show you guys tomorrow with another video and another word of the day. Don’t miss that. But until then check out these other videos and also subscribe to my channel and subscribe to my other channel which is almost 100000 subscribers. OK. Again today’s word adapt and tomorrow’s world probably better. And you’ll see it tomorrow I guess. One of these videos you’ll miss your tomorrows my rever family. I appreciate Joe keep hustling. All right.


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