Top 5 HARDEST Things About Being A Rapper

1) You dont have time for anything else. 
If you’re SERIOUS, a LARGE portion of your time will be spent on music and music related things.
2) Everyone is going to laugh at you until you prove them wrong
3) Your future depends on A LOT OF LUCK. 
The time you spend writing songs time and time again over the years will help you build your style but even when you know all there is about songwriting, the actual process of making a HIT is partially LUCK while working to find that vibe and then the skill set fixes everything up and turns it around into a SMASH
but even then you have to worry about if the record is out at the right time and if the record catches on and becomes a HIT. That depends on way too many factors to even start talking about right now.
Other faactors that include luck is that you will RANDOMLY run into people in the industry who will help take your career to the next level.
4) If you really want to stay releveant you HAVE To stay up on what is hot. 
This goes for any industry though. You have to know your industry fully to be anywhere near the best. Consider a lawyer who wasn’t up to date on all  the laws in the state, how many cases do you think he is going to win compared to the lawyer who knows every law and what caused the law change.
That 2nd lawyer is clearly going to be around for a longer time and make a hell of a lot more money than the first guy.
5) You have to be nice to people you might not like. 
The music industry is very small, and you are going to run into a lot of people you truly like and then a lot of people who… well they just suck.
But in order to keep your reputation good and make sure people continue liking you, you have to be nice to even the biggest dick heads.
Last thing you want is your ability to get on a major website and get seen by 10s of thousands of people all at once and suddenly one of the people who works there says, hey that guy cut me in line at starbucks and then flipped me off. lol

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