Acoustic Treatment VS No Treatment ROOM TEST (CRAZY!)

OK so I want to get to hear this right now. I only have the corner set up in here and I carry with this is a sound check I want you to hear the river. We’re going to be in the same spot both times. This is before there’s barely any acoustic treatment set up. There’s only some in some of the corners you can hear the river right. You can. Hear.

The river.

And then I’m going to go ahead. We’re going to move to how it sounds with the whole room completely acoustically treated and the difference of how that sounds. And now the room is completely treated at least about 80 percent of the room as well as a carpet on the floor. And then there’s no ceiling but I mean just having that type of treatment on the walls is a massive difference so now let’s do it here. This sounds right. You can hear.

Anything. Massive difference. Side by side of those two for you here. You can. Hear you. Can’t. Hear.

Anything and that is the difference between a tree room and a tree room.

Ew ew ew ew ew.

All of that extra noise that you hear in the first shot before the room is treated is actually affecting your vocal recording because that all goes into the microphone the microphone picks of everything. And that’s why acoustically treating a room or recording in a booth or recording even into one of those shields phones shield it still helps a little but I don’t really super highly recommend them. I do a review on one of those soon but if you treat your room pretty well it’s going to have a massively massive effect on your overall sound quality for your music.

All right for its video to show my face and his fingers have a good day.

Hope they help dump something small. Maybe we are like him who is this guy. And I see you guys tomorrow.

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