The 7 Big Advantages Of Memorizing Your Raps Before RecordingMemorizing Rap Lyrics

The 7 Big Advantages Of Memorizing Your Raps Before Recording

Memorizing Rap Lyrics

It’s Super Bowl Sunday but instead of wasting my time watching sports, I am being productive and delivering this article to you.

Staying productive at all times allows you get more done and get to your dreams faster.

I only mention this to show you that ‘Things Get Done’ in those times when you aren’t wasting time on useless things everyone else is doing. 🙂

The amount of things I get done everyday from simply not doing what everyone else is doing is what allows me to reach my goals faster than everyone else. You should think the same way if you want to stand out from all the other rappers out there!


Here are the advantages of memorizing your verses before rapping them

RAP FLOW AND MICROPHONE PRESENCEMemorizing Your Raps Before Recording

1) Lessened Frustration

Having it memorized and being able to actually get the performance right sooner will lessen the frustration you will surely have to endure. If for some reason I have to take too many takes, it gets frustrating and actually makes your performances worse.

So it’s a great idea to memorize your verses simply for this reason alone.


Memorizing Rap LyricsMemorizing Your Raps

2) You won’t need to take 20 takes to get it right


you save time recordingremember rap lyrics

3) Therefore you save time recording. Then you can spend more time on Smart Rapper learning to grow yourself 🙂

rap more everyday

Memorizing Rap Lyricsrecording raps on a microphone easier

4) Your confidence in the performance is higher since you already know your rap lyrics. So you get a much better end result.


Memorizing Rap Lyricshow to have a better rap flow

5) You can flow bar to bar easier, thereby increasing your flow. Through consistent recording you will find and solidify your rap flow style faster

Increasing rap flow

Memorizing Rap Lyricsincreasing rap flow and delivery

6) It gives added delivery

Since you have more confidence and know the words, it allows for you to delivery your rap flow and rap lyrics much better.


Memorizing Rap Lyricshow to make my rap flow better

7) You won’t stumble over your words

A big reason why you’d have to keep re-doing takes to get it right is because you didn’t have it memorized and you were saying the wrong rap lyrics or you were simply missing a word. This won’t happen if it’s memorized 😉

things to not rap about

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