Advice For New Rappers From Best Rapper In California (Tips From Murs)

Advice For New Rappers From Best Rapper In California (Tips From Murs)

What a smart rapper. So that got a little special for. Commerce. With. French music. Actually. Must say when we speak. Because I think. It’s because it. Was a little smudge on there. That. If you get any better. While. In school. But. Have a little conversation with him real quick you need some actually some really good advice to give you some good information and you say to go check his album out because. He’s very well-known. Pricing them on the breakdown. My boy just cut see the breakdown about the act. You’re going to recognize when you see him he’s Artemis All right. You got some information from him but that’s coming rather than from. A. Small. Mercy.

Merchandise priority over Mirza’s. Now has the break. Them. He’s killing it. He’s known by everybody around him to gradually get his album release party go down that way. Mousesports resorted to the unimaginable. Came out tonight. So was. Horse three weeks or you could buy it. I. Find that. My direction. You should. Buy it she needs to get paid. You seem to. Be real nice. Both. Dubow. Are. You a rapper. With this auto play. I want you to. Give some advice. Because you’ve been doing this for a long. Time. You came along this way. Yes. Like don’t tell me what are coming to. Understand self. Principles. Are. Always the same. For me.

Nobody knows. That’s how. Good people here now. No wonder. Regime. The best rapper in California. If I’m not. Love I just know my name. Is from. The most popular rapper now our tolerance are all. In the name. Of the most honorable rapper. No. Why. I put. Myself. There. Was never the same scale as I was in. Iraq are working for hard number 2. I love that geographically becoming home and then spreading outward. And being the best of where you’re from because. You could be in the middle ute’s all you meet a person the. Best. Person you. Are. That’s a start. Don’t ever hate on. Your. Own. Shit. Because of that people never worry about him present other. Rappers to impress. You. I remember going someone would show like. Yeah. I don’t know what time it is. Can’t read.


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