ASAP Rocky Sweden Jail Facts

Today we are talking about the ASAP rocky sweden jail situation.
As you’ve probably heard, ASAP is currently LOCKED UP overseas in Sweden.
He was arrested after getting into an altercation with some local men who were allegedly tailing him and his crew and touching women on the street inappropriately.
After ASAP’s retaliation for this disrespect turned violent, the rapper went to the police station on his own volition to discuss the situation, and was promptly arrested for assault.
Assault carries a penalty of up to six years in prison in Sweden and ASAP is being held as a flight risk in what many people are calling a human rights violation.
He is supposedly living off apples in jail and dealing with terrible conditions including being denied access to a cellphone and communication to the outside world.
Today we’re gonna talk about why it happened and look at IF it could have been prevented. This has been a disaster for his career.
What is he losing? And how much does he still stand to lose from this entire catastrophe?
That’s coming up – right after the intro.
What up Smart Rapper, I’m Rob Level and today we are talking about a very serious situation here, okay.
ASAP Rocky is in a really crappy circumstances right now after he got hit with an assault charge in Sweden.
He is not doing great – he can’t leave, he’s dealing with awful conditions, and he’s losing out on a ton of money. You know me – you know Im a businessman and I cannot look at something like this and not see the financial cost of what’s happening right now. AHH! It hurts!
I also wanna say that : There are risks in this game that people don’t understand.
The last one of these kinds of videos I did was about Nipsey and the lessons we learned from him, but the true and very real tragedy was about his safety – THE SAFETY OF HIS LIFE.
You literally cant deny his life was at risk.
The risks and threats you deal with from fame are real.
I really feel for ASAP rocky and this situation and I want to look at it from a respectful, educational standpoint for you guys because I feel like there are a lot of learning moments we can take from this.
I’m about to drop an unfortunate but true fact: famous entertainers and rappers will be your best teachers because you’re watching them navigate their career choices in real time.
Watching successful people and seeing what they do, the choices they make for their careers AND personally, the events they have to deal with and how they affect them is a FREE lesson for you in basically everything. Take It.
In a way, you’re lucky you’re not famous yet, because you’d probably be making the same mistakes and getting into the same issues as a lot of successful people.
This way you can learn and prep so you don’t get messed up by the industry or the system. I dont mean you should enjoy other people’s misfortunes and fuck ups. I mean that shit happens so we might as well learn from it.
Alright, I know you’ve heard about this, so let’s get into it and see what we can learn.
ASAP Rocky got himself in trouble abroad this week on some real shit.
He first headed to Europe a couple weeks ago for his “Injured Generation” tour and had his opening show stop in Paris.
 He had other stops scheduled ALL OVER.
Russia, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium.. this list is insane, check it out…
[i gave you this video in the DUB INs file i sent]
If you’ve ever done a tour or worked on one you know they play a LOT of cities to make the most money possible.
Touring is expensive and takes an investment put out by the artist and the label – an investment that is made back by the money earned through ticket sales, merch, meet and greets, sponsorships, and more.
So already, his money is getting fucked up.
Think about it: {COST BREAKDOWN OF TOUR: manager, crew, hotel, food, performers, merch, x 50 cities x 100’s of people, etc}
Now the people who go on world tours with big artists and the best of the best in their field – think about it, because big artists can literally have their pick of the best people for all the jobs they need (THIS IS A BIG REASON YOU SHOULD WANNA BE FAMOUS OK)
These people are good enough to negotiate CONTRACTS which are signed before anyone leaves america for the tour to protect them and serve in their best interest. THAT MEANS …these people are gonna get paid whether or not the show goes on.
I just want you to truly understand this loss ok. He’s losing money he’s paying out for shows that literally dont exist. so hes losing money he already has PLUS money he was gonna earn.
So what happened in Sweden was he was walking on the street with his crew and a couple local guys kept following them, kinda tailing them for a long time. It also came out that those local guys were touching women inappropriately on the same street at the same time.
Now I can’t put the video where they actually fighting because YouTube will take this down but it got pretty real, asap i think picked the guy up at one point and just threw him like 100% through the air like the hulk.
So, regardless of who started the conflict, it’s clear ASAP and his crew, who are also being held in sweden, finished it.
NOW…none of this I really have a problem with. To be honest I can tell you not to get in fights, but yall know that. I can tell you not to instigate violence if youre not ready to do the time for it.
People forget this but ive been to jail ok I’ve been arrested, ive been convicted and ive done my time. If you choose to do that stuff you have to pay a price, and i learned that lesson the hard way.
But especially when the fact that your life literally going on about its regular way is worth millions of dollars…
You are at risk. You have stuff to lose.
This is something I personally have to deal with too, okay? Something I totally didnt understand or realize Id ever have to deal with…because I had nothing. When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose. If you’re used to that mindset it can be really difficult to believe the reality of actually having stuff.

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