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Is Rob Level Guilty?

Is Rob level Guilty? Rob Level – inspirational, charismatic, wise, determined, and . . . guilty? You’ve probably seen the flyers all over your city, the crazy Instagram memes, and the news stations talking about Rob Level. The question everyone wants to know right now is, is Rob Level guilty? For more information on the verdict, click here! The Consensus is that Rob level Is Guilty . . . This ongoing debate has struck the nation like …

Is Rob Level Guilty?

What Is The Rapper Shortcut?

What Is The Rapper Shortcut? The Rapper Shortcut is a comprehensive, year-long music education program created by rapper Rob Level, CEO of Smart Rapper, LLC. The free blueprint, which can be found here https://www.rappershortcut.com/make-2021-your-year/, lays out a week-by-week, step-by-step plan to guide each member of the Rapper Shortcut through multiple levels of their careers starting with the basics. Rapper Shortcut Testimonial #1 There are more aspiring rappers and singers now than ever before. Rob Level …

What Is The Rapper Shortcut?

Is The Rapper Shortcut Legit?

Do you find yourself asking, “Is the Rapper Shortcut legit?” It may seem too good to be true for some of you artists; a rapper who knows the ins and outs of the industry and music production, and is devoted to teaching you everything he learned on his way to the top? And for what price??? Only $27 to start?! Let’s listen to a member of The Rapper Shortcut and see what he has to …

Is The Rapper Shortcut Legit?

The Music Industry Shortcut Reviews/Testimonials

Youโ€™ve seen the ads online…EVERYWHEREย –ย the Music Industry Shortcut: a supportive artist community and series of masterclasses by rapper/entrepreneur Rob Level and his team dedicated to teaching you everything you need to know to succeed in the music industry. But…is the Music Industry Shortcut worth the price point? Has anyone joined the Music Industry Shortcutย and seen results? Hereโ€™s one review of the Music Industry Shortcutย that might answer your curiosities: https://vimeo.com/714636175/fa5d53bca7 Wow! So this artist makes it …

The Music Industry Shortcut Reviews/Testimonials


In this article, we are looking at 10 well-known artists who are known to produce their own beats. There are quite a few successful rappers who produce in the industry. This means making the beat, recording the vocals, mixing the track, and mastering. I want to inspire all of you rappers out there who have the creative itch to do more than just write and record lyrics. Expand your mind past its known limits. Explore …

10 Rappers Who PRODUCE THEIR OWN BEATS

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