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Unlock Your “Super Music Brain” with Rob Level

What up gang, welcome to Smart Rapper, I’m Rob Thank, thanks for watching. Im glad I get to help you get smarter today.  I’m going to tell you the secrets that major labels use to write HITS SONGS time after time. You’ll be able to use this information for yourself to further understand how the industry works and how making hit songs really come about. And I personally have a ton of experience with this.  …

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If You Rap, College is A Waste of Time

Before I start this and tear apart every person with a college degree, I have to say this first. I am impressed by and also jealous of anybody who has a college degree, no matter what the degree is for and no matter what school it is from. Because I hold knowledge very highly in my book of importance in life. I know the power of knowledge in any area and how that information cross …

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