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If You Rap, College is A Waste of Time

Before I start this and tear apart every person with a college degree, I have to say this first. I am impressed by and also jealous of anybody who has a college degree, no matter what the degree is for and no matter what school it is from. Because I hold knowledge very highly in my book of importance in life. I know the power of knowledge in any area and how that information cross …

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How To Gain A Million YouTube Views In 30 Days (YouTube Ads MasterClass)

What up, I’m Rob Level, a successful music artist who has dedicated his life to educating, inspiring, and helping artists believe in themselves, and this is how I got my music video, A Screwed Up True Story, to one million YouTube views in only 30 DAYS! Yes, This Is Guaranteed. No, this is not a joke. YES, they are real people. I share all of my knowledge about running ads on YouTube here in my …

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What Is The Rapper Shortcut?

What Is The Rapper Shortcut? The Rapper Shortcut is a comprehensive, year-long music education program created by rapper Rob Level, CEO of Smart Rapper, LLC. The free blueprint, which can be found here https://www.rappershortcut.com/make-2021-your-year/, lays out a week-by-week, step-by-step plan to guide each member of the Rapper Shortcut through multiple levels of their careers starting with the basics. Rapper Shortcut Testimonial #1 There are more aspiring rappers and singers now than ever before. Rob Level …

What Is The Rapper Shortcut?

The Rapper Shortcut Reviews/Testimonials

You’ve seen the ads online…EVERYWHERE – the Rapper Shortcut: a series of masterclasses by rapper/entrepreneur Rob Level and his team dedicated to teaching you everything you need to know to succeed in the rap game. But…is the Rapper Shortcut worth the price point? Has anyone joined the Rapper Shortcut and seen results? Here’s one review of the Rapper Shortcut that might answer your curiosities: Wow! So this rapper makes it very clear that the Rapper Shortcut is a worthy investment for any artist who is SERIOUS about …

The Rapper Shortcut Reviews/Testimonials

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