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The best way to immediately grow is to have someone tell you exactly what you need help with. Not be a “YES MAN!” and tell you everything you are doing is great.


Having an experienced person tell you what you need to focus on or do in order to take everything to the next level is a priceless thing to have.


I wish I could have shown someone in the upper leagues my music and asked them what I was doing wrong 5 years ago.


They would have told me what it took me years to figure out by myself. I was surrounded by friends telling me “No this is great! Why are you trippin. You don’t need to fix this. Blah blah blah dick rider mumbo jumbo.”


Then I sat and studied myself and anything haters said because they were the most honest ones. Then I fixed everything accordingly.


What I am offering here is for you to get on Skype with me and go over your issues or have me answer any questions you have about your music, music style, music marketing or anything else.

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Getting another artist at my level to do this? Never, they don’t care enough lol. I’d also like to point out this definitely won’t be an option very long. By the end of January 2016 I’ll be way too busy to do these. But I will help while I can.


Once you sign up I’ll shoot you an E-mail and we will arrange a time in the next 72 hours to Skype and go over whatever you need help with. Hit the button below and start getting better now… not later. And stop relying on Yes men. I can help you pin point problems because I have had the same problems before.


smart rapper consultation

1) I will spend the alotted time per session on Skype discussing and answering ANY questions you have

2) I can give you my honest feed back and opinion on your music and what you can improve. Something your friends and family would never honestly tell you.

3) Help you on what you could and should be doing to grow your career the fastest

4) Help you advance their sound with my knowledge of artist growth

5) Help you with artist branding so you are memorable and can flourish faster and more controlled

6) You may need other resources I didn’t list in the guide that I have

7) How to market your specific music a way better using whatever current resources you have.

Contact TheRapperGuide(at)Gmail(dot)com for more information

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