DIY $100 Cheap Recording Studio For Rappers

whats up smart rapper family or anybody out there is trying to learn how to do a home studio for yourself for less than a hundred dollars I’m going to give you guys the tips today’s everything that you’re going to need. Yes for less than a hundred dollars you’re probably in the beginner stage like I can’t really afford this but I want to record my stuff I want to start practicing on a microphone. I’m sure you guys are exactly what you need for less than a hundred dollars. Easy peasy lemon the queen she learned today. I’m Rob level. This is smart rapper knockoff and you bought gifts Mari Marley right after the intro. Number one on this list actually over here. Where were you at. So right. It is right here. It says I have a bunch of these because I give these away. Sometimes. Little dusty little dusty down there. This is the Sampson seal one you view as the microphone. USV meaning you plug it right in you us plug that thing in like one tube Bomas plug in. And you can record plus what’s great about this is it comes with a cakewalk for free. Watch. Are you going to get a digital audio workstation so you can record yourself for free. It comes with it comes with it. This thing now it fluctuates between thirty two dollars and forty four dollars. Today it was forty four dollars. But I bought a bunch of these for like 30 30 to 35 box. This is actually an incredible microphone for the cost and the whole point in buying at a cheaper microphone so you can start building your music style. So I highly recommend you guys start with this you guys and girls to start with this supercheap and comes with an audio that comes with the ability to record into a software built in. You can’t beat that links below for you guys. Let’s move on a couple more things you need still keep going 100 bucks. Number two I see you have this. You need a mike stand. OK twenty dollars per bill for that same one that I had for a very long time until I got my like. I have a good now I have a 200 dollar stand but the thing is it will move like it’s very heavy. So that will never tip over. But all you need is a 20 dollar one can put only below that. And the next you’re gonna need a pop filter. I have a link below for you it’s only seven dollars. Same potholes are used for years. Super simple now I have a hundred dollar a pop filter. I have no idea what that thing costs a hundred dollars it’s just like a piece of like what. I guess it’s like the top line one I don’t I don’t know it’s like a bit more than just a screen it’s like this foamy thing you can see it right there or whatever but whatever you don’t need that yet you’re good with a seven or a microphone or you go with a seven dollar pop filter for your microphone. Don’t worry about that. The more things you need here. Let’s get going. Now you have two options here one to recommend here is you need to get acoustic treatment. Now the reason being for the Yakuza treatment is in your room. You don’t want I put a video up put a link to the video below of like the difference with sound treatment before and after. It’s a massive difference what you don’t want it to be in a room and there’s reverb in the room all going your microphone you know that sound like it when a room sounds like echoey and stuff like that you don’t want that going into your record. You’re going to sound like a freak an amateur sort of because for us why don’t they put you in a booth. It absorbs all that. It’s like it’s soundproof so that you just hear the vocal right. Well you can get acoustic treatment for 17 dollars for 12 square feet. It’s well the squares. Honestly the link with the link below if you guys it’s the same stuff that I have on these walls or here it’s I just bought a whole the whole the whole room is covered in them. But if you do it into it in a small section you buy one or two of them there’s seventeen dollars a pack and you get to choose orange green blue purple gray. OK. Seventeen bucks a year 12 maybe get a couple packs if you need them but you just set the 12 up and you face your microphone towards it right. And then you make sure there’s some stuff in the back muffling it. Not going to go into that super hardcore but this is a great way to start. Now there’s an alternate alternative image you can do which is actually going to be better for you but it’s not going to look as cool. But what I used to do was U-Haul blankets and I mean I I have tons of you like it’s because they used to use them because. If you’re buying these and 12 set pieces these can get expensive very quickly because only covering 12 square feet. I mean 12 is just like. 12 and 12 in 12 and 12 and 12 and don’t go with those with all of them around the room it gets expensive. But you blankets are a great alternative you can get six you all blankets for 30 dollars and then you just kind of like tap nails into them in the ceiling or thumbtacks right. And they’ll sit you’ve put them about an inch out from the wall and these things absorb all the sound of the entire room. So if you don’t mind about how it looks you can get six of those instead of one set of Ord’s get a three pack four pack and set them up in your room. It will. Your room is going to be like sound treated or sounds can be sound treated so well. It’s like it’s crazy helpful like what you hold like will do and this is like a visit a protip you’ll learn. There’s a low cost tip if you go on any forums and you ask any professional engineer they travel with these types of blankets because they work so well for like deadening a room. Right. So you can get that for 30 bucks to put a them to the whole blankets below. I mean. If you can afford to do a whole room like this go for it. But we’re trying to keep it on a hurdlers right so you don’t like it. They work beautifully. Let’s move on now if you do happen to get the acoustic treatment you need to buy command strips. I have a bunch of them. This whole room was put up with them and it’s a video on my channel to show you how to do it you just like take two little strips boop boop and you put it on the wall. It’s super easy and it won’t damage your wall which is the whole point because usually you put accoutrement up it’s permanent it rips off the wall it sticks to the walls. You don’t want that as a problem. OK so the command strips are six blocks opportunely FOOLOW so if you get the treatment you get the command strips to put them up. If you get the U-Haul blankets you’re going to need like some nails which you probably have laying around mom or dad might have some nails and Little Hammer put it in the wall. You’re good. OK. That’s pretty much it. Now all this between the two things fluctuates between ninety five dollars and a hundred one dollars. It means you’re getting all of this for a hundred dollars. You can restart recording yourself because of the software you got to stand you get the pop filter you you need have a little bit whose trimmings are going to get. It’s not going to be too Reverby going get a good quality sound for less than 100 dollars. OK. Now this doesn’t include the computer but I want you to understand that even the cheapest computers nowadays. Like I was report myself I’m like a 300 dollar laptop and I didn’t even need to be a 300 on a laptop that I got refurbished. Like nowadays it’s just sound editing video. So when you were recording yourself a lot of these computers nowadays just on standard computers can handle the workload of something like cakewalk and recording yourself. No problem. So you just need a little computer and then this less than hundred dollars and you have yourself a little do it yourself a hundred dollar home studio setup. All right. I’m Rob level. This is small Rappard dot com policing the way that a subscriber releases video every single day. That video will help everybody in the music industry in general. I focus on rappers but I offer a lot of my set advice and everything else like that for industry. And I have a lot of credentials. If you don’t know me go to my channel check my stuff check on my main videos you might see my credentials on why this stuff makes sense. I’ve been where you are right now. I started with this about your phone now have I have it. Now it’s like well twelve thousand dollars and studio gear in here. You know I’m going to make other tears too so it’s not just the hundred or one I’m going to do a 300 dollar one I have a 500 dollar one and a thousand dollar one. So you guys know what to get for home studios at every price range. People have been asking me for these forever. Let me let me make these because I know everybody has certain budgets they want to start recording themselves. So I’m here to help with OK. Like him he was describing him with a comment he made four bars of the day below our right. So I want to show you guys that practice and this won’t make anybody write the lyrics aside for now I guess it’s pretty much it go. Like one of these videos don’t forget to check out all the links below for you guys for everything that I mentioned. It’s all in the description. And then also the video on how to put out the koosh treatment. Put that in there. And then other stuff like that. All right I’m Rob level. This is small rapper dot com. Check these videos y’all and go get one of these start recording. So. Y’all got this.

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