How I Got 4,904,925 Views On A Song Remix (Remix Songs Tips)

How I Got 4,904,925 Views On A Song Remix (Remix Songs Tips)


In this video we talk about song remix and how to remix a song and increase the chances that you get views on it and build a fan base properly.

Every time I remix songs I get a solid amount of views on them. It gets harder and harder to remix songs and get views since you are competing with so many people.

So the best bet in order to actually grow is to build a solid fan base first before you start doing song remixes and then start doing remixes to gain attention to your main music.

This is what I did and it gained me a hardcore fan base off of my very first mixtape. You can do it too if you’re a Smart Rapper.

How to get a million views on a song remix strategy is just to build that fan base first and increase your chances of your song remix to come up in the YouTube search.

Author: Rob Level

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