How To Choose Beats That Can Become A Hit Song

How To Choose Beats That Can Become A Hit Song

When you turn it on do you INSTANTLY vibe with the song?
That’s really what there is too it. If you go listen to the BEST SONGS OUT right now, they are on beats that create a vibe in you. If it’s not creating a vibe… You probably need to skip to the next beat.
This is why it’s easy for an artist to go through 100s of beats in a day.

It’s also very similar to when producers are going through song samples. Or for example let’s say when Kanye West would go through dozens of records a day listening for things he could sample, things that he vibed with that instantly would create a vibe in someone else.

It’s about creating a FEELING, an EMOTION in someone.
When you turn the beat on, do you FEEL SOMETHING from it? That’s what you are looking for.


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