The Ultimate Step By Step Guide To Becoming A Successful Rapper [FREE]

How To Rap And Become A Successful Rapper Guide

how to become a successful rapper

The Ultimate Guide On How To Rap And Become A Successful Rapper

How To Rap


The entire How To Rap And Become A Successful Rapper Guide is set up level by level.

From starting out as an artist, all the way up to the top level knowledge.

I help you by showing you mistakes I made so you can get on the fastest route possible to your music career success.

We all start at the lowest level and are trying to get to the highest level.

successful rapper guide level 0

Starting Out And Setting Up As A Rapper. Your Rap Name, Rap Voice, Rap Image And More

why i made it

Level 0 – Part 0 – Why I Took 3 Months To Plan And Write This Entire Guide For You

rapper name

Level 0 – Part 1  – How To Pick The Best Rapper Name For Yourself

rapper image

Level 0 – Part 2 – Finding Your Image As A Rapper (w/ Major Artist Examples)

Sites you need

Level 0 – Part 3 – Creating Your Online Presence As A Rapper


Level 0 – Part 4 – Top 9 Mistakes I Ever Made That You Shouldn’t

super power

Level 0 – Part 5 – Your Personal Rap Artist Super Power, Do You Know What It Is? I Do.

(End Of Chapter Additional Reading)
Extra 1 – Should You Start On Your Own, Or With A Team Of Artist?

successful rapper guide

Recording Yourself,  How To Rap, Building A Home Studio, Free Software, Writing And Beats

writing bars

UPDATE: How To Write Rap Lyrics Like A Genius – Full Course [Includes 4 Hours Of Video]

UPDATE: How To Write Hit Rap Songs | Insider Industry Secrets Revealed Course


Find your rap voice

Level 1 – Part 1 – How To Find Your Artist Voice

UPDATE: How To Find Your Coolest Rap Voice In 15 Minutes Guide

record at home

Level 1 – Part 2 – How To Record Yourself For Dirt Cheap At Home

recording Software

Level 1 – Part 3 – What Software Should You Use To Record Your Music?

Choosing Beats

Level 1 – Part 4 –  How To Choose The Best Beats For Your Style

beat leases

Level 1 – Part 5 – What Are Beat Leases, Do I Need Them?

beating writers block

Level 1 – Part 6 – How To Get Over Writers Block (Secrets)

releasing a mixtape

Level 1 – Part 7 – How To Properly Release A Mixtape / Album

phone apps

Level 1 – Part 8 – The Best FREE Phone Apps For Artist / Rappers / Singer

organizing songs

Level 1 – Part 9 – I have written 5,000+ songs and a million bars, how do I organize them

computer for music

Level 1 – Part 10 – Your Computer For Recording Music And Editing Videos

what to write about

Level 1 – Part 11 – What should I Rap / Sing / Write about?

where to get beats

Level 1 – Part 12 – Where do I get beats to rap / sing on?

How To Rap

How To Rap Level 2

Insanely Smart Music Marketing Tricks

UPDATE: List of over 200+ Hip Hop Blog Contact E-mails For You To Market Your Music With

Youtube marketingYouTube Secret To Gain Fans When You’re Sleeping
YouTube Tricks And Secrets
YouTube Amazing Browser Plug-In #1

Instagram Marketing

UPDATE: Best Instagram Marketing Software

Soundcloud Marketing

Sound Cloud Secret Automatic Marketing Software

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing Tricks

blog Marketing

How To Get Music Blogs To Post Your Music (w/ Proof) 

Send 300 Music Blogs an E-mail with your music in 1 click

How To Tell If Someone Has Read an E-mail you sent them (FREE)

How To Triple Your Fan Base Overnight

street Marketing
Physical Street Promotion Tips and Tricks

What is the difference between spamming and promoting my music?
The Mind Of Your Potential New Fans – YOU MUST KNOW IT


 successful rapper guide level 3

How To Rap Level 3

Music Videos – How To Shoot And Edit Them Yourself For Cheap

Shooting Music Videos

Level 3 – Part 1 – Getting Music Videos Done For Your Rap Songs

Buying Camera Gear

Level 3 – Part 2 – Budgets For Buying Your Own DSLR Camera And Gear

Music Video Locations

Level 3 – Part 3 – How To Find The Best Music Video Locations

Editing videos

Level 3 – Part 4 – Editing Your Own Music Videos And Software

Making Video Gear

Level 3 – Part 5 – Making Your Own Music Video Gear

 successful rapper guide level 4

How To Rap Level 4

Touring To Spread Your Music, Merchandise, Street Teams and Tricks

touring and shows

Level 4 – Part 1 – Touring And Doing Live Shows

tips for performing

Level 4 – Part 2 – Top 8 Tips For Performing Live Shows

Level 4 – Part 3 – How To Set Up And Book Your OWN Tour (Coming Soon)

how expensive

Level 4 – Part 4 – Touring Is Expensive! Why? And How much?

getting merch made

Level 4 – Part 5 –  Where Do I Get T-Shirts, Flyers, Hats And Other Merchandise Made?

Level 4 – Part 6 – How To Set Up An Online Street Team (Coming Soon)

Level 4 – Part 7 – How To Set Up A City By City Street Team (Coming Soon)

 successful rapper guide level 5

How To Rap Level 5

How To Choose Your Perfect Artist Team To Get To The Top Of The Industry

choosing your team

Level 5 – Part 1 – Choosing Your Team Intro (Must Read)

Choosing a manager

Level 5 – Part 2 – How To Choose A Manager

personal manager

Level 5 – Part 3 – How To Choose A Personal And Business Manager

Level 5 – Part 4 – How To Choose A Booking Agent And Agency (Coming Soon)

Level 5 – Part 5 – How To Choose An Accountant (Coming Soon)


Level 5 – Part 6 – How To Choose A Publicist

Producer and mixer

Level 5 – Part 7 – How To Choose A Producer And Mix Engineer

camera guy

Level 5 – Part 8 – How To Choose A Camera Guy

choose a lawyer

Level 5 – Part 9 – How To Choose A Lawyer

virtual assistant

Level 5 – Part 10 – How To Choose And Hire A Virtual Assistant


Level 5 – Part 11 – How To Choose The Best Artist To Collab With

 successful rapper guide level 6

How To Rap Level 6

Serious Music Industry Knowledge From My Experience

keys to the game

Level 6 – Part 0 – Keys To Understanding ‘The Game’


Level 6 – Part 1 – Gaining Momentum And The Biggest Mistake Of My Career


Level 6 – Part 2 – Buzz – A Top 3 Key To Success

overcoming fear

Level 6 – Part 3 – Over Coming Timidity – Give Yourself That Champion Aura


Level 6 – Part 4 – Reasons Why You MUST HAVE Patience As An Artist

Level 6 – Part 5 – In that time of being patient, this will keep you sane.


Level 6 – Part 6 – Why You Need Intelligence, Knowledge and Wisdom As An Artist


Level 6 – Part 7 – Networking (It’s Not What You know, It’s Who You Know!)


black book

Level 6 – Part 8 – Create A Black Book For Your Network



And that is the entire How To Rap guide to level 6. 

 successful rapper guide level 7

I’m Almost To How To Rap Level 7 Where I’ll Start Posting About My Experiences With Famous Major Artist and Industry Experiences.


How To Rap

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Thank you for taking time to check out my How To Become A Successful Rapper Guide. I hope it helps you get closer to your dreams!

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