How Many Pieces Of Cheap Acoustic Foam Equal 1 Expensive Piece?

Real quick.

I wanted to actually show the difference between how many pieces of the cheap stuff is equivalent to a piece of the good stuff. Now it’s a two inch piece. These are 1 inch pieces but put them together it counts as a two inch piece. So. Put them all together that it actually takes eight pieces of the cheap stuff, or realistically 4 two inch pieces. What did I say? It cost four times the money!

Right now it takes four times as much of this to have the same effect as only one piece of this. That’s why it costs four times more. It actually takes four times more. It makes so much sense right! Hopefully you guys can hear it through the camera. This is a test I always wanted to do but I was always so poor I could only afford the cheap stuff so I could never compare.

This is eight pieces of the cheap stuff. This is one piece of the good stuff. Right, eight pieces eight pieces. One piece one piece. Right. That’s right.

That’s crazy!

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