Max Music Group Scam (Explained And Broken Down)

Max Music Group Scam

Do not fall for the Max Music Group Scam.

I am getting endless amounts of Instagram DM’s on my @SmartRapper and @Rob_Level account telling me that MMG is now claiming that Smart Rapper notified people someone was pretending to be them. That is a lie.

They have been caught scamming people, and they added “Smart Rapper” into their e-mails (even written incorrectly) to try to use the Smart Rapper brand to co-sign their garbage scam.

What they don’t realize is, by doing this, they are committing a felony. Therefore, we can involve federal authorities who will hunt them down. Not only do they face jail time, but I can sue them.

Anyone contacting you from MMG (Max Music Group) is running a scam. I would never co-sign a company like this. I never have and I never will.

Originally, I wrote this article when I received an e-mail from It was instantly obvious to me that it was a scam to take money from hopeful, dream-chasing, upcoming music artists.

Remember guys, any time someone says they have money available for you in any way, shape, or form when you haven’t even really spoken with these people, it is a music industry scam.

They are preying on your hope that this opportunity is real. They want you to think “What if this IS real and isn’t a scam?! I’d be missing out! I gotta do this!”

How The Max Music Group Scam Works

The way this scam works is they will tell you that you need to come out to California and meet with them to be sure you are the artist they want to sign or be involved with.

Then they will ask you to send them some money in order to pay for something YOU WILL NEED. As soon as you send them ANY MONEY they then will ask for more and more money until you are fully tapped out. Then they will stop talking to you since you have no use to them.

This is a completely common scam in the industry that a lot of rappers and singers fall for.

For instance (as you can see below), they actually say they are going to give you $50,000. Who randomly hands out that much money to someone who only had their music reviewed? It baffles me that anyone would EVER fall for this scam.

How To Tell If It’s A Music Industry Scam (Like the MMG Scam)

Remember to check websites that are attached to the domain of the e-mail is sending from.

The e-mail was

So I simply went to and, in this case, it is attached to a website that hasn’t been updated in 3 or 4 years. This tells me they have been running the scam for a long time, or a music industry scam artist bought the website as-is for dirt cheap in order to start scamming naive music artists.

There are social media buttons on their site and they all link to nothing.

The site also loads incredibly slowly because it hasn’t been updated in forever. In contrast, new age updated sites load within 10 seconds. This site took almost 30 seconds to load (which is ridiculous).

It seems the site’s tour or release list is updating but nothing else. So it must be loading and getting updated from another place from which they are potentially running the scam. The problem is that it says they don’t have any more shows until 2021? That just means they put a far-ahead date so they can run the scam for the next few months with this website

Also, take into account that people could be PRETENDING to be affiliated with an actual company. In this case, the e-mail came straight from their domain.

More Clues That It’s A Music Industry Scam

This company clearly focuses on pop and EDM music based on the artist we can see on their site. The thing is, I was sent this scam email by a rapper who received the e-mail. Therefore, I know for a fact they are just sending the email to anyone and everyone.

These people are bums. Do not give them your money, a response, or your time.

The Music Industry Scam E-mail They Sent Me

Here is the e-mail they sent me

Hello ,

It’s our pleasure to inform you that your submission has been scrutinized and has been selected. With respect to this, we hereby invite you for a first one on one meeting with the MMG Team.

Here, we get to know who you are and carry out other assessment of your personality. All things been equal, you are to sign our Artiste/Record Label Document which unveils you as an MMG artiste and from then henceforth, you would be required to fly the TEAM MMG fly. We are investing heavily in your talent and we hope you can replicate same by giving us good music the universe would love.  We are glad you have made it this far and we congratulate you.

Find attached information for the meeting with the MMG Team:

Venue: The Mayfair Hotel, 1256 West 7th Street, Downtown LA, Los Angeles CA (International Conference Hall, C12 8th Floor)

Time: 12:00 PM, 28th February, 2020

We have made available the sum of $50,000 to cater for your flight expenses, wardrobe expenses and other expenses you would be needing the money for. We expect our bank to get across to you to give you details on how to get your money.

Warm Regards,

Team MMG.

You just became a Smarter Rapper. If they e-mail you, let them know someone is out here protecting you from their BS.

– Rob Level – King Of Rappers and The Robin Hood Of Rap

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