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Not only will you get the music business contracts but…

You can also get huge lists of contact information for every single person in the music industry.

here is what you get

1) A Full List Of The Music Industry A And R’s

So you can start befriending the big time A and R’s as you build you career and have them start watching your growth and momentum.


2) Music Manager Firms And Agencies

To find yourself a manager at the biggest agencies around.


3) College Radio Station Contacts List

To start getting some airplay in demographics where your music will matter


4) Major Vocal Coaches In The Music Industry

To get the best person to help you grow your voice


5) Music Industry Agents

Agents to help you in your career!


6) Movie And Music Industry Music Supervisors

People who run the music for movies and TV so you can submit your music to them to potentially get placements and get heard by thousands to millions of people!


7) Music Industry Agents Contact

So necessary!


8) Music Industry Distribution Companies

These are the people that get your music heard around the world. Getting a good distribution deal is key to success in the big leagues. It gets your music distributed to all the right places.


9)  Music Industry Publishers

Publishing is where you are going to make A LOT of money with your music once you have the right songs. Make it easy for yourself by already having the contact information.


10) Music Producers And Engineers Contact List

You can’t even get a good song released without having both of these on your team.


11) Independent Record Label Contacts

Big labels aren’t always the best choice, Indie deals can be much better and Indie labels give you more attention than a major will any day!


You get the contracts too

12) Also get 150+ music business contracts 

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All of that contact information right at your fingertips.

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And 150+ The Music Business Contracts

What you get insideFull list music industry contacts

Here Is How Each File Looks On The Inside

Example of a and R listLimited Time Offer

 $500 Worth Of Stuff

Only $19.49 for all of it Today

This Price WILL Go Up Very Soon.

No Thanks! I Just Want The Music Business Contracts And Not The Extra Essential Contacts.

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