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Contracts For Any Situation In The Music Industry

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Why Do you need this

I really wanted to provide this to upcoming artist who are probably not too savvy with the legal system.

I don’t want you getting screwed over.

A contract is vital in any type of relationship so that neither party gets screwed.

screwed 2

I have had a lot of relationships in the music business and I can tell you right now that if you don’t have the right contracts in place, people WILL DO SHADY THINGS.

They will take advantage of the fact that you are not aware of laws and they will take advantage of the fact that they are not held to certain boundaries that a contract would hold them too.

I’m not saying everyone is shady, but the issue is that sometimes people don’t show their true colors until it is too late.


This has happened to me many times.

Having a contract signed by them is going to protect you  in the long run.


How I know you need it

Every time I have gotten lawyers for different parts of my career they ALL made one thing clear to me over and over again…

1) Make sure there is a contract in place with anyone you ever do business with to protect both of your asses.

2) Make sure you have a professional lawyer review the contract just in case they are trying to screw you.


Some people try to get sneaky with the wording in the contracts. That’s why you need a lawyer of your own to review the contracts.

That’s all that a lawyer really does well is understand the legal jargon and tricky words that another lawyer or business contact doesn’t want you understanding in clear English.


I have received some shady contracts and have had to change a lot about them after having a lawyer look at it. I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t have a lawyer review them and I could have been screwed.

The thing is here is that when you already have the contracts in your hands, you are the one making the terms and you can change them accordingly.

You already know what is in the contract and you control that aspect of it.

That’s what I’m providing here.


You also get this

What are you getting?

You are getting 175 Individual Music Industry Contracts ranging across the entire spectrum of the business.

They are professionally made contracts that you simply put names and dates into.


So you know exactly what you are getting here is a screen shot of what is inside of the file.

I also made a step by step picture guide on how to open the files if you don’t have a .doc opener.

contracts 1

contracts 2

contracts 3

You also get this

Because I am giving you 150+ contracts…

I also provide a 78 Page E-book full of the top industry lawyers for free!

This way you contact and find yourself a top industry lawyer if you would like too.

The E-book provides everything from E-mails to websites and contact information in this manner.

How The E-book Looks

The list of lawyers deal with all sorts of legal business such as:

Types of lawyers
You want These incase

What is going to happen is that you are going to come to a point when you need one or even a dozen of these contracts and you are going to wish you already had them in your hands.

Why worry about coming back here and trying to find them when you need them.

Also why worry about the price being 10 times higher when you come back?

Be smart!


You are saving $100s

Right now for $9.49 you can scoop them up when realistically a lawyer would charge you HUNDREDS TO THOUSANDS of dollars for these contracts.


Lol how do I know that? Because I asked my lawyer how much it would cost for lawyers to draft these up.


How my lawyer put it

This is how my lawyer broke it down for me

Lawyers charge anywhere from $50+ an hour.

To draft these up it would cost about 30 minutes of time for each contract since they get paid in 15 minute increments and it would definitely be AT LEAST 15 minutes each.


30 Minutes times 150 Contracts = 75 Hours of Lawyer fee time

75 Hours times a rate of $50 per hour = $3,750 in contract creation time.


And these only cost you less than $10 here?

For that reason, the price will go up to $50 very soon on these.

Regular Price $100+

Only $9.49

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