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12 Things for 1 bundle

If you’re a serious rapper, you need all of this stuff in your career whether it is now or 6 months from now.

Might as well get them for half the price now in this one time offer while you can.

You can get your hands on all 10 of these things for just a few bucks more.

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#1) The Best 200+ Hip Hop Blog’s Contact E-mails Updated for *2017 E-book

The e-mail of every single hip hop and rap blog on the internet that accepts new music submissions.

It took me 7 days to hand pick these just so you can market your music and finally getting heard!

Then it took me another 7 days to update the E-book to what is now known as the best hip hop blog contact list on the internet.

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#2) How To Send Your Music To 200+ Blogs In 1 Click E-book + Step By Step Video

This includes a 10 minute video showing you exactly how to use an E-mail blaster to sent every single Hip Hop blog your new music in minutes.

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#3) Secrets To Getting Your Music Posted By Hip Hop Blogs E-book

I show you how to establish true relationships with Hip Hop blogs and give you an exact or of templates to use to send your music to them.

The do’s and the don’ts so you can avoid the mistakes everyone makes and start getting posted up.

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#4) The Ultimate Guide To Find Your Coolest Rap Voice In 15 Minutes E-Book

A full guide on finding your best rap voice for the style you want using a 15 minute scientific trick!

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#5) How To Get A Deeper Smoother Rap Voice E-book + Videos

All the steps and tools you need to start getting a deeper and smoother rap voice and also a video showing you how to do the exercises.


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#6) The Secrets To Making Your Rap Voice Unique And Raspy E-book + Videos

A fully in depth e-book and video showing you how a raspy voice is created and how to do it.

Includes inside looks at the entire structure of the throat and the science behind how to do it.

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Bonus #7) How Find Your Coolest Rap Voice In 15 Minutes Audio Book MP3

So you don’t have to actually read the E-book, I recorded it for you so you can listen to it and absorb it’s contents anywhere in a breeze.

Number 8

Bonus #8) 136 Smart Music Marketing Ideas (To Reach Millions Of Potential Fans)

My brand new marketing E-book that shows you 136 out of the box marketing ideas that you can use to market your music.

I guarantee you would never have considered at least 100 of these unless you’re a marketing professional.

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Number 9

Bonus #9) 136 Smart Music Marketing Ideas Audio Book MP3

Just like the Rap Voice e-book I read this one for you too.

You don’t have to sit down and ready anything when you can just turn it on in the car on the way to work or school. Saves you time!

Plus there is scientific evidence that you retain more information when you hear it through audio rather than reading it.

Definitely a bonus!


Bonus #10) Membership To Smart Rappers New Community

Recently I’ve been working on making a place for Smart Rappers to all help each other, collaborate, talk ideas, marketing strategies and more.

Now it’s almost here.

Anyone who buys this package will have access to FREE membership to the Mixtape Level of the community.

EVEN more bonuses

TWO BRAND NEW BONUSES Have Been Added For You If You Get It Today!

Bonus #11) Hip Hop Blog Owners Share The Secrets To Getting Your Music Posted

I interviewed big name hip hop blogs and asked them what makes them post rappers music.

They tell me why and when they WILL and why and when they WON’T post your music.

This is straight from the source. The owners and moderators of some powerful rap blogs.

You gotta see this!

Bonus #12) Music PR Companies Share Secrets Of Music PR And What You Need

I interviewed a bunch of the biggest music PR companies across a bunch of genres and got inside information on what you need to know about music PR.

When do you need it? Why do you need it? What should you expect?

Most importantly, it shows you the massive power of Publicist for helping launch your career.

Things that you need to know that most rappers don’t realize about marketing their music properly.

Did you know you need to start planning your marketing campaign 3 months before your mix tape/album release?

Get your hands on this.

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