How To Book Shows, Open For Major Artists And Grow Your Fan Base

About This Course

Performing live is a huge step forward as an artist. You gain exposure, fans and new opportunities at a much higher rate.

You know you want to go on tour to promote your music someday but need to at least play shows in towns or cities near you first. Most people have no idea how to get started on this part, so if you don’t, you’re not alone!

With How To Book Shows Open For Major Artists And Grow Your Fan Base, you’ll learn how to contact and network with venues in your area. Use our templates to forge relationships and maintain positive rapport with booking agents. Get yourself seen, heard, and respected.

Open doors for yourself on a local scale, then use your newfound momentum to expand. It’s all included in How To Book Shows Open For Major Artists And Grow Your Fan Base!


Course Topics

Lesson 1

How Venues Work

Lesson 2

Types of Venues + How They Affect How Much You Make

Lesson 3

How To Find Local Venues To Contact NEAR YOU!

Lesson 4

How To Own Your Area And Connect With Venues On A Stronger Level

Lesson 5

What’s An EPK And 3 Places To Get One FREE

Lesson 6

How To Set-Up Your Instagram To Engage With Venues

Lesson 7

Engaging With A Venue’s Social Media

Lesson 8

Contacting Venues Directly To Ask To Be An Opener

Lesson 9

A Trick To Sell More Tickets

Lesson 10

Secrets To Sell MORE Tickets Than Other Openers

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