Over 100 Genius Marketing Ideas To Gain New Fans

About This Course

Ready to get started moving your career forward but not sure where to start? You don’t need a degree to market yourself. We’ve got you covered.

Check out Over 100 Genius Marketing Ideas To Gain New Fans to learn over 100 free or low-cost music marketing ideas, all tried and true by our team and Rob Level himself.

These practical and easy strategies are a surefire way to raise your profile and gain momentum for your music, even if you’re just starting out in your career path.

New and even established artists need direction on where to put their resources, time and energy to maximize the impact of their music. Often, people think unless they can hire a big marketing agency, they aren’t going to gain traction. This is not true! Building a huge, viral fan base is possible from where you are right now.

Take advantage of things you already own with Over 100 Genius Marketing Ideas To Gain New Fans! You’re not as far from success as you think.


Course Topics

Marketing Idea #1

Instagram Automation Software

Marketing Idea #7

Beef With Another Rapper (Even If It’s Fake)

Marketig Idea #25

Create A Website For Your Music

Marketing Idea #79

Create A Remix To A Popular Song

Marketing Idea #35

Get Hot Girls To Promote Your Music Online

Marketing Idea #21

The Facebook “Happy Birthday” Method

Marketing Idea #52

Run Contests For Fans To Spread Your Music

Marketing Idea #45

Make Your Own Wikipedia

Marketing Idea #88

Market Your Accomplishments In Your Social Media Bios

Marketing Idea #96

The Power Of Professional Photo Shoots

Lesson 10

Secrets To Sell MORE Tickets Than Other Openers

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