How To Find Your Rap Flow! Find Your Strongest Rap Voice In One Week!

About This Course

You know you’ve got what it takes to rap. You could even be good enough to compete as a mainstream artist. But you want to make sure your skills are in top shape before you go out to compete in the big bad music industry.

What do you do?

All you need is some extra advice, ideas and practice to make sure you completely kill it – you know, something to fall back on during those times when your adrenaline spikes and your mind goes blank.

How To Find Your Rap Flow! Find Your Strongest Rap Voice In One Week! gives you those tried and true tactics for surefire success when you rap. You’ll be able to flow over any beat and stay on beat fearlessly.

Learn with examples from mainstream artists like Kendrick Lamar with practical lessons and exercises for expanding your rap skill set. Impress friends, family, co-workers and new fans.

Get your rap career rolling in a serious way when booking agents and managers notice your newfound skills with How To Find Your Rap Flow! Find Your Strongest Rap Voice In One Week!



Jasper C.

“This course helped me to understand why my bars hit and flow development in a way I understand so I can replicate my success over and over rather than waiting for the creative spark to occur randomly and feeling blocked until that magical moment comes on its own. Now I can take a more technical or systematic approach to songwriting to maximize creativity and results when making my music. Thanks Rob, Cheers!”

Tom B.

“I like Rob as an artist a lot, and he really went the extra mile in this course, revealing many of his ‘insider’ secrets. I especially enjoyed the breakdowns and freestyle practice videos. I’ll jump on the weekly challenge right away. Many THX!”

James J.

Great course overall!!!!!! Learned so much in such a short amount of time! This course was very insightful and I would recommend this course to anyone that wants to learn more about how to rap, whether that be a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, I learned about how to write, how to flow, and how to record!

Dustin W.

“As I continue to rap over many years, I am finally realizing that the flow is way more important to the listener to the lyrics. I have great lyrics that don’t flow right and nobody listens. This course is really going to help with that I think. Thanks, Rob!”

Ben C.

“Thank you so much for the Rap Flow course, brother! It really helped me out. I spent the past couple months putting production on hold just to work on my rap flow. You’ve done a lot for me, Rob!”

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