Rap Voice Trilogy: How To Find Your Coolest Rap Voice In 15 Minutes!

About This Course

Being unsure of what voice to use while you’re rapping is completely normal and a lot of people struggle with it. Don’t worry. Finding and developing your rap voice is a necessary part of succeeding in music, so lean into it.

Rap Voice Trilogy: How To Find Your Coolest Rap Voice In 15 Minutes! was created to help you find and use your strongest rap voice on everything from freestyles to full tracks or projects in just one week!

This easy, step-by-step guide shows you how to take advantage of your natural abilities while revealing new ways to improve your tone and sound in three comprehensive guides. Accessing a deeper, more confident rap voice will make a huge difference in your music!

Get the Rap Voice Trilogy: How To Find Your Coolest Rap Voice In 15 Minutes! to give your songs that extra edge, help yourself gain new fans, and jump start that career momentum now!



Andrew S.

“Rob gives some amazing insight on rap vocals and helps guide you to finding a rap style that suits your voice. I was rapping along to things so far out of my style before and I had no idea how bad it sounded until I took this course, and instantly all my shit sounds better and I feel like I have more direction. Thanks, Smart Rapper!”

Allen N.

“One of the BEST Rap Coaches EVER this guy can totally change your wrongs to rights and I think he’s the best at what he does plus he’s a Rapper himself so he gives advice out of experience which is very helpful and I definitely recommend the courses that he teaches.”

Jonathan B.

“AMAZING!!! This course has some of the most interesting information out there that is ACTUALLY useful to artists! Reading everything you can tell Rob has put in so much time and effort into conducting this information to the reader and goes into detail about everything so that the reader is not confused. It’s absolutely worth every cent!”

Devon P.

“I have been rapping for a couple years now, and a few months after I started rapping I was on YouTube and stumbled across a Rob Level Smart Rapper video. And never did I know that this would be the best thing for me to help me with rapping. Not only is Rob helpful, but he is a great person and full of energy and loves what he does and loves to help others. He’s very interactive with his fans and smart rapper community. If your a rapper and you’re really serious about your craft, then you need to read this and watch his videos and read the rest of his books cause it will definitely help.”

Dillan C.

“So much knowledge and insight. Made me look at music from a different perspective and i’m glad I found this course.”

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