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Why Smart Rapper?

Smart Rapper is more than just a website; it’s a way of life. Smart Rapper represents a chance for you to change your circumstances. Not everyone has connections or a big label behind them. Labels will lie to you and tell you that you need their guidance, but in reality, they represent a lot of what is wrong with the music industry today. 

Rappers, singers, even producers take classes to get better at what they do. It’s how people with natural ability hone their talents to get to the top. With less educational resources, rappers become reliant on a bigger rapper or producer taking them under their wing and teaching them – something that almost never happens.

Smart Rapper was created for independent artists, to help rappers improve on their own, and is biggest and most highly trusted rap resource in the world. Our resources are created from years of formal study, trial and error, real-world experience, industry lessons and more.

Master The Music Industry

Your talent needs development and guidance, but you don’t deserve to be left behind if you don’t have a record deal. Get the tools you need to make major moves in the recording industry as a powerful independent artist.
You’re worth it.

Dominate The Rap Game

Take your rap game to the next level with Smart Rapper. Our products provide you with the resources you need no matter where you are in your rap career. Choose wisely; this could change everything for you.

Build A Devoted Fan Base

Every successful artist starts with no fans at all. Reaching a certain level means knowing how to attract and maintain a growing fan base. Unlock step by step guides and strategies to skyrocket your mass appeal.

Enhance Your Rap Game

Smart Rapper Courses

Rap Voice Trilogy: How To Find Your Coolest Rap Voice In 15 Minutes

How To Find Your Rap Flow! Find Your Strongest Rap Voice In One Week!

How To Write Rap Lyrics: By A Known Lyricist

Insider Secrets To Writing Catchy Choruses

How To Book Shows, Open For Major Artists And Grow Your Fan Base

Secrets To Getting Your Music Posted By Music Blogs Bundle

Over 100 Genius Marketing Ideas To Gain New Fans!

50 Advanced Marketing Ideas To Skyrocket Your Career!

How I Got Famous On YouTube In Just A Few Months!

How I Got Famous On Instagram In Just A Few Months!

How To Design Your Instagram To Gain Followers 10 Times Faster!

Is There Anybody Out There? Instagram's Shadowban And How To Beat It

How To Start A Business Making Lyric Videos For Other Artists

How To Start A Record Label, Sign Artists, Make Money And Build Your Empire

How To Build A Network And Become Successful 10 Times Faster

How To Make A Website And Build Your Rap Career Into A Business

The Complete List Of Music Industry Contacts

The Complete List Of Music Industry Contracts

How To Build Your Email List To Make Extra Cash Every Month!

Music Trademarking And Copyrighting To Protect You And Your Music

For Rappers, By Rappers

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