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professional tools

THIN LINESmart Rapper Thin Banner

The best way for you to immediately grow is to have someone tell you exactly what you need help with. Not be a “YES MAN!” and tell you everything you are doing is great.

Having an experienced person tell you what you need to focus on or do in order to take everything to the next level is a priceless thing to have.

I wish I could have shown someone in the upper leagues my music and asked them what I was doing wrong 5 years ago.


They would have told me what it took me years to figure out by myself. I was surrounded by friends telling me “No this is great! Why are you trippin. You don’t need to fix this. Blah blah blah dick rider mumbo jumbo.”

Then I sat and studied myself and anything haters said because they were the most honest ones. Then I fixed everything accordingly.

What I am offering here is for you to get on Skype with me for 20 minutes and go over your issues or have me answer any questions you have about your music, music style, music marketing or anything else.

making a rap plan

Getting another artist at my level to do this? Never, they don’t care enough lol. I’d also like to point out this definitely won’t be an option very long. By the end of January 2016 I’ll be way too busy to do these. But I will help while I can.

Once you sign up I’ll shoot you an E-mail and we will arrange a time in the next 72 hours to Skype and go over whatever you need help with. Hit the button below and start getting better now… not later. And stop relying on ‘Yes men’. I can help you pin point problems because I have had the same problems before.


Click here to sign up for consultation



how to write rap choruses

How To Write Entire Songs From Lyrics To Choruses Entire Course

How To Write Choruses Package

I bring you into my home studio and you learn everything I do to make songs from scratch.

A step by step course showing you every single tiny detail that allows me to have a perfect work flow from writing punchlines and multis, to going through beats and writing and recording entire choruses and songs from scratch.

This entire course is packed with hours of detailed information explaining how you can immediately learn the best strategies I use to write my best songs fast and efficiently. With this course you get to skip the YEARS of wondering if what you are doing is right or wrong.

This is the key to immediately writing your best songs and lyrics instantly after watching.

Would you rather be better now, while you’re younger? Or try to figure the process out for yourself and be 4 years older before you realize that it would have been a smart rapper move to just learn from someone who already went through the struggle.

That price is dirt cheap for showing you how to be the best song writer and rapper within a 10 mile radius of you in one day. Remember, you get what you pay for and I don’t release anything but quality. Always have, always will.


writing lyrics

What will you get with this course?

Three+ hours of video tutorials that walk you through writing step by step, from beginner to expert level. You get a 25 page E-book that brings you through the entire video course step by step as well.

Includes 4 hours of Tutorial video

How to write rap lyrics like a genius imageThere is a reason my lyrics have been on the front page of Rap Genius as a Top 5 of the month.

For the first time ever in history I open the doors to my studio and show people my daily methods to writing lyrics.

These methods took me over 10+ years of writing to hone and build into the perfect system to write the best creative lyrics I can, as fast as I can, each and every day.

My method turns writing into a game so it is fun.


rap voiceRap voice cover 3

I remember how hard it was to find my voice for rapping that finally made me happy. I spent years trying to destroy it and even more crazy stuff you can’t even imagine.

Over the years with hard work and practice I learned the fastest way to find your best and coolest rap voice and even write better songs just by listening to music. It’s crazy smart really, you’ll see.

There is also an Audio Book of the E-book so you don’t even have to read it, you can just listen to the book in minutes and start building your voice using the secret tricks.




200 emails

200+ Rap Blog Email ListThis list was originally over 400 contact e-mails but I weeded out the ones that don’t work already for you. What is left is a list of the entire internet’s hip hop blog’s contact information. I also throw in some other potential sites that might post your music as bonuses into the E-book.

I spent 7 days of my life on this earth going through every single solitary Hip Hop website and compiling their contact information. From contact pages to e-mails.




freestyle and battle for rappers ebook

Freestyle 2

1) Do you want to get better at freestyling fast?

2) Do you want to instantly make every freestyle you do at parties and in front of people at least 10 times better?

3) It will show you how to gain confidence to be able to freestyle and battle anywhere anytime.

4) The tools you can use to make you a better freestyler in literally seconds.

5) Daily tricks to make you a MONSTER in no time





A YouTube marketing software to gain new fans every hour.

Tube Assist 3This is a YouTube Marketing software I have been using for years on end to automate my YouTube to gain fans while I sleep. It sends messages, subscribes to channels, shares my videos with people and way more. This gains me REAL fans and REAL people viewing my videos.

People have always wondered how I got my initial fan base off the ground… The answer is good quality music that people like when they click it using smart rapper marketing like this.

To check them out, you can check out this article which explains more, or you can directly to them by going to www.TubeAssist.com

tube buddy

Tube Buddy is a free plug in (with upgrade-able features) that allows you to use your YouTube like a boss. It makes everything 100 times easier in being a YouTuber. I can’t even explain it in 1 paragraph, just check out the video where I explain how and why it is amazing here Tube Buddy Review

UPDATE: When you use Tube Assist now, it comes with the free $20 a month Tube Buddy package. Insane deal! It’s like 2 for 1 + 50% off  haha.

blue host

This website is hosted by Blue Host and I use all of their tools to create this entire website from scratch. You can start your site to put your music up and actually have full control of everything your fans see and hear from you.

You can also make money through your website by putting ads up (I don’t but you can use ads) and selling your products like T shirts and mixtapes. Blue host has a 30 day money back guarantee policy in case you change your mind.

It costs me $36 for an entire year of hosting and SmartRapper.com came free as a domain. So really it’s like $20 a year. Not bad to be able to bring my fans here and get them involved to build my E-mail list. An E-mail list is worth a million dollars over time, you can see why here



host gator

The difference between Host Gator and Blue Host is that Host Gator offers a month to month plan for having a website. Blue Host requires that you pay for the full year outright which makes it $36 and it comes with a free .com site.

With Host Gator you pay $6 for a domain and it’s $9 a month. So start up is $15 to get your website going instead of $36. But you’re paying $9 x 12 months.

I just give both options because I know some people prefer month to month. They also have a 45 day refund policy if you change your mind.

I have that video for you here if you’d like to see how incredible easy it is to make your own website and start building your fan base on there. https://www.smartrapper.com/HostGatorVideo

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