Rob Level Net Worth (The Scary Truth)

I am estimating Rob Level Net Worth to be close to around 5 Million Dollars in 2019. Keep reading to see how he amassed his fame and fortune after losing his parents, living in homeless shelters and living a life full of obstacles, crime and struggle.

Rob Level Net Worth

You probably keep seeing Rob Level pop up everywhere from your YouTube to Instagram and now even more so in some TV shows and movies.

This self made street hustler made his start as a rap artist in south side Chicago and developed it into 3 thriving businesses.

Despite losing both parents before 7 years old and being put into homes and living in homeless shelters he has amassed quite the following and fortune for himself.

A side from living in a penthouse in one of Hollywood California’s cushiest buildings, he drives a 2017 Audi R8 ($210,000 Brand New) and also has a Mercedes C43 AMG ($80,000 New) you can see in his new reality show properly titled “This Ain’t Luck”.

How Much Is Rob Level Net Worth?

So what is the rapper/entrepreneur Rob Level’s net worth?

After looking into his tax filings I can see in 2017 he cleared over $800,000.

And being that was just his tax filings for 2017 and that I’ve watched his businesses and fan base grow almost 10 times that just in 2018, I wouldn’t doubt it if he made close to 4 million dollars in 2018 alone.

Of course that is just speculation.

Where Did Rob Level Make All Of His Money?

Rob Level’s net worth clearly came from a lot of hard work and hustle. Below are the primary contributors to Rob Level’s net worth.

I would also take into account things I have been hearing he is working on but since I cannot confirm if they are true I will not add them to this article.

A Big Time Social Media Agency

It makes sense someone who has gained over 500,000 fans and 40 million views on his videos would have the ability to start a social media agency like Rob Level has.

His Instagram shines at over 300,000 followers.

Both of his YouTube channels are verified and have over 130,000 subscribers each and are growing rapidly.

After watching over 50 of his videos the last year on social media, I know that he created a social media agency that had fortune 500 clients.

That alone means he was definitely pulling in some serious dough from the social media agency. He has said in videos he was overbooked and couldn’t take on anymore clients meaning he was making so much money he was turning down money.

Tax filings on his social media agency were around $600,000 in 2017.

His YouTube videos on Instagram and YouTube social media tips and tricks have garnered millions and millions of views which definitely provided his company with a large clientele.

His Music Career

Being that his roots are originally in music, Rob Level makes a pretty penny from his music as well. Looking at all the streams he has accumulated as Rob Level and his former rap artist name Novi Novak I would calculate he is pulling in around $6,000 to $10,000 a month as an artist. That is $120,000 a year just from music streams, merch and more.

See for yourself.

Affiliate Marketing

Rob has stated in some of his videos that he makes nearly $50,000 a month in just affiliate marketing on top of everything else he does. He had a video up explaining everything but said he took it down from lack of views. He said “I thought the video was going to get a million views because I was literally showing people how to make $50,000 a month just from affiliate marketing. Unfortunately the video only got about 30,000 views so I just took it down. But I did leave up my free affiliate marketing course for everyone.”

He even has an affiliate marketing course that helps people learn how to make money online as well that you can find here.

His Hip Hop Educational Platform

According to the social blade statistics for Rob Level’s Hip Hop education platform, his YouTube channel alone has been growing 10,000 to 15,000 subscribers a month organically and getting nearly 1 Million views across the videos.

His website analytics show 3,000 to 5,000 page clicks a day and his site ranks top 100,000 in the world.

That’s pretty impressive seeing as how he said he built it all himself, wrote the articles and even shot and edited all his own videos.

He has a wide array of rap courses that range from $27 to $1,000 and a monthly membership program in the community for “serious rappers”.

My guess would be he makes at least $100,000 a year from this platform. He also said he wasn’t making anything from the site for the first 2 years it was up and he has now posted over 500 articles and over 850 videos on the YouTube channel.

How Much Is Rob Level Worth?

When I asked Rob Level how much money he made in 2018 he said “I made more last year than anyone thought I would make my entire life.”

I don’t think he was bragging, I think he might have been trying to be humble about the situation. In his videos he had said numerous times that his family was surprised he wasn’t dead or in jail. So for him to even be alive or free alone is an accomplishment.

Quite the story for a guy who came from nothing and has inspired millions of people with his crazy life story.

Does Rob Level deserve the massive fame and fortune he has? That’s for you to decide.

Jake H.

Guest Author, Jake H. is a freelance writer with a passion for music and movies. He is a UCLA Graduate with degrees in Communication and Business Management.  He has been written for and been posted by websites such as Forbes, Men’s Health, Bank Rate, Celebrity Net Worth, Famous Births Deaths, Zimbio, Huffington Post and many more.

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