The Secret To A Better Sounding Room For Vocals (BIG Difference)

The Secret To A Better Sounding Room For Vocals (BIG Difference)

What is forever. Yesterday somebody actually reached out to me and asked me Well what about the coroner’s whereabouts. What goes in the corners for the acoustic treatment because a lot of times I kept talking about just the acoustic foam that was drowned in the walls. But today I actually want to teach you and tell you why the corners are just as important if not even more important than just having the acoustic foam on the wall. So I’m yes about that really quick super easy super quick video you bought to get smarter. I’m Rob Lovell. This is what rapper icon and you’re going to get smarter read to the intro.

Today is actually a good video that I think that everybody needs to know one it’s just a tiny bit of a house sound actually work when you think about sound how it goes out into a room and bounces all over the place where where’s it going to bounce the most right. It’s going to bounce the most when it hits into a corner when it hits into a corner slot right when it goes into this corner it hits this wall and hits this wall and hits this wall and the keys bouncing right because it goes out it bounces and amounts off this wall and then slowly disperse and then slowly hits that wall when it’s in a corner. It’s so close to each other the sound just. Bouncing off each other or especially when it’s in a corner of there it’s just all the it’s just bouncing around.

And then you go up here look at these quick so you see these things are here the base these are called these are based traps. They disperse so anything goes into the corner it stops it from being able to bounce around the corner and create more reverb in the room than is necessary at all to go into your record. So having bass traps is gamier essential. It’s just isn’t for and I’m wondering if I would rather have the bass traps and these and these and the corners as opposed to acoustic treatment in the room. And I think that just is just as important and it’s not it’s only like way more expensive meaning like that from as you can see I mean I have packs of these on use because I wanted to make sure I had enough of these but these right here are these are common ones for these right on the wall the same way that you would the other ones but these are how much of the four pack of these is only twenty two dollars on it.

The Secret To A Better Sounding Room For Vocals (BIG Difference)

For these is only twenty two dollars on Amazon what you do is you can try to sell CDs and just put you know segments up just to them in each corner would be great. These ones right here which ones. These are the only ones I got or have these ones are those ones that are under. Yes all those big thick ones those are twenty seven dollars. For four of those. Which is fine because you want to take those and really put. Just put one in each corner and then put two of these underneath it. That is going to help your room. The sound and your name for you when you’re recording. It’s going to help drastically like there’s a major difference between not having them and having them again because all the sounds bouncing around late late there you really want to help diffuse those corners as much as you possibly can.

I saw links below for you to go. No these if you want to get these. And I mean if you will. She’s on my side with the camera but you see here obviously purchased things because it says it on Amazon you purchased these last things doesn’t it. Because yeah I have all around my room I still believe in them. I never try to get you guys to get your hands on anything that I don’t believe that actually works you know. But having bass straps that go into Google based traps and look up some videos on eBay you’re going to see how. They’re massively talked about inside of the auto and audio engineering community. Everybody has been. OK. All right.

The Secret To A Better Sounding Room For Vocals (BIG Difference)

The word of the day. Today’s the day is vindicated. The six cell free from blame from accusation can be vindicated when there’s evidence in court where you can be vindicated if you do something that makes you feel better about a situation.

I don’t get the wings evil over these guys and read those. I’m Rob level this small rabbit icon. We are growing like crazy. We’re growing like 10000 subscribers among now. I did the math yesterday. 270 new subscribers a day. That’s a lot of people walking on a mall you know smart wrappers everybody that keeps coming in and watching all these videos. This is amazing that you so much for being a part of this community and this group and his team and his gang depending on the type of mood we’re in. That’s how we classify ourselves right. Go at him with a like him with a common you for Botshabelo for the day. And if you have base drive to let anybody else know how much these have really helped you in your home studio. OK. And then go and check out these other videos and it does describe what to do when you do hit the little bell because it’s to notify. Every time I release a the video which is everydays you can become a smart rapper as usual subscribe the channel button to right here. OK. Two channels also have a new show coming to check out my leers video of course to drop that yesterday and people are people going crazy over it it’s going to be a crazy good course with the video course so go and check out these videos.

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