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smart-rapper-beatsSmart Rapper Beats

Smart Rapper Beats

Smart Rapper BeatsIntroduction

I know we have TONS of new upcoming rappers visiting Smart Rapper everyday so I figured it would be a great idea to offer what rappers truly need…. BEATS!


I have gathered a group of super producers to create beats just for Smart Rapper fans like you.

These are beats you CAN NOT find anywhere else.


Smart Rapper Beatsbeat-leasing-rights

All beat leases are only $10 and that gives you the rights to:

Regular Leasing Rights:

i. Receive the (untagged) beat in an MP3 file.

ii. Use it in mixtapes, albums, local radio play, performances, videos and promotion.

iii.Β Limited to 2,000 unit sales (digital and/or physical).


Basic leases are perfect and more than enough for new upcoming rappers.


Smart Rapper Beatsgetting-started

You can find all of our beats here


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