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If you’re a serious rapper, you need all of this stuff in your career whether it is now or 6 months from now.

Might as well get every single thing I can offer you for one low price in this one time offer while you can.

You can get your hands on all 17 of these products

Number 1

1) The Entire How To Find Your Rap Flow In 1 Week Course ($197 Value)

The brand new 2017 course that is going to teach you how to find your rap flow in a way so easy it’ll leave you wondering how you didn’t think of it all before.

We cover everything from stressed and unstressed syllables to going over songs from Jay Z, Eminem, Future and even Wu-Tang.

Number 2

2)  The How To Write Sick Punchlines And Metaphors Course ($97 Value)

With hours of video of me writing live, I explain to you how my mind processes lines and writes lyrics with ease.

You can simply apply my strategies and start writing like a monster in no time.

Number 3

3)  In The Studio With A Pro – The Shortcuts And Secrets To Writing Songs  ($197 Value)

This is the thing you want to get your hands on! You learn 10 years of stuff in only a few hours.

I show you the perfect method that all professional music artist use in order to create their hit songs.

I bring you right into my own home studio and explain every single detail you could ever want to know about writing song choruses.

This is one of my top selling courses and I’m sure it will be for a long long time.

Number 4

4) The Best 200+ Hip Hop Blog’s Contact E-mails Updated for *2017 E-book

The e-mail of every single hip hop and rap blog on the internet that accepts new music submissions.

It took me 7 days to hand pick these just so you can market your music and finally getting heard!

Then it took me another 7 days to update the E-book to what is now known as the best hip hop blog contact list on the internet.

Number 5

5) How To Send Your Music To 200+ Blogs In 1 Click E-book + Step By Step Video

This includes a 10 minute video showing you exactly how to use an E-mail blaster to sent every single Hip Hop blog your new music in minutes.

Number 6

6) Secrets To Getting Your Music Posted By Hip Hop Blogs E-book

I show you how to establish true relationships with Hip Hop blogs and give you an exact or of templates to use to send your music to them.

The do’s and the don’ts so you can avoid the mistakes everyone makes and start getting posted up.

Number 7

7) The Ultimate Guide To Find Your Coolest Rap Voice In 15 Minutes E-Book

A full guide on finding your best rap voice for the style you want using a 15 minute scientific trick!

Number 8

8) How To Get A Deeper Smoother Rap Voice E-book + Video

All the steps and tools you need to start getting a deeper and smoother rap voice and also a video showing you how to do the exercises.

Number 9

9) The Secrets To Making Your Rap Voice Unique And Raspy E-book + Video

A fully indepth e-book and video showing you how a raspy voice is created and how to do it.

Includes inside looks at the entire structure of the throat and the science behind how to do it.

Number 10

10) How Find Your Coolest Rap Voice In 15 Minutes Audio Book (MP3)

So you don’t have to actually read the E-book, I recorded it for you so you can listen to it and absorb it’s contents anywhere in a breeze.

Number 11

11) 136 Smart Music Marketing Ideas (To Reach Millions Of Potential Fans)

My brand new marketing E-book that shows you 136 out of the box marketing ideas that you can use to market your music.

I guarantee you would never have considered at least 100 of these unless you’re a marketing professional.

Number 12

12) 136 Smart Music Marketing Ideas Audio Book (MP3)

Just like the Rap Voice e-book I read this one for you too.

You don’t have to sit down and ready anything when you can just turn it on in the car on the way to work or school. Saves you time!

Plus there is scientific evidence that you retain more information when you hear it through audio rather than reading it.

Definitely a bonus!

Number 13

13) A Complete Listing Of Every Music Industry Contact

Want every single record label’s contact information?

Want all of the A and Rs info and someone to send your music to once you have a hit?

Well you get every major label and indie label’s information in this bundle.

Number 14

14) 150 Smart Music Marketing Ideas Audio Book (MP3)

number 15 16 and 17Big Sean thumbs up

15, 16 and 17) Crazy Deal New Courses

Since everything above is literally EVERY SINGLE Smart Rapper product available I can’t give you anything else… or can I?

If you get this you will already have your hands on all of my stuff so I’ll even make you a crazy deal for the future stuff.

I have 3 more courses coming out this year.

1) How to shoot and edit your own music videos with a $0 budget

Yes, with your iPhone or Android that you already own.

And yes it will look amazing and I will have proof!

Because I am shooting a music video with an iPhone and showing you how I did it from start to finish.

2) How to freestyle like a beast to impress people at parties course

3) How To Speed Rap Course

And I’m going to give you 75% off of all those courses later when you need and want them.

I don’t even know what else I can give you!

That’s everything!

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Everything Individually Would Be More Than $1,000

Today With This One Time Offer You Get ALL OF THAT

For Only $397

You Could Be Missing Your Big Break That Changes It All For You By Not Getting All Of This Right Now

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