How To Find Your Rap Voice Trilogy Set [Deep, Raspy And Cool]


To know if this is for you, ask your self these 7 questions.

Do you want to have a cooler, deeper or raspier voice so you can find a more unique rap flow for yourself with it?

Do you think your rap voice could sound better with even a little bit of work? 

Do you want a rap voice that fits you perfectly as an artist? 

Do you want a step by step process to finding that rap voice you envision fast? 

Do you want to suddenly impress everyone with new songs you release? 

Do you want to have a more impressive rap voice with a 15 minute trick?

Did you know that most people hate their rap voices at first? 

If you answered “Yes” to even 1 of these questions, this rap voice guide is perfect for you.


1. Imagine people saying “How hell did you get good so fast?” and “Wow, I love that voice!”

2. This book helps you understand the important factors that make people like a rapper’s voice.

3. Imagine that a better rap voice and style exist for you inside this book.
Over 900 rap artist customers can’t be wrong.

4. Imagine moving 10 times closer to supporting yourself as a rapper in literally 15 minutes.

5. Imagine having a voice that people want to hear every time they decide to listen to music at home and at parties with friends.

6. Imagine your friend’s reactions when they realize you started sounding 10 times better than them in a week.

7. Most of all, imagine proving everyone wrong who ever doubted you had the hustle, heart and talent to make it as a rapper.

More Testimonials

Jermaine S. 

“I know you gave this to me for free to test it but Im buying it when you release it. I didn’t even know I could sound like this. I never thought to do this stuff. You are an absolute genius man! Thanks for adding that stuff I was confused about into the book, It really helped.”


Daronte R.

“Homie you are going to make so much money from this thing when people realize how great it is. I’ll promote the fuck out of it for you. I feel like I am 10 times better this week then I was last week just because I found a voice that actually works for me. If you can remember I had a high pitched squeaky voice, not anymore! Let me know when I can show this my friends. “


Jason H.

“That first version of the book you had me try out left me begging to know just a bit more on how to build my rap voice. Then you made all those changes and it was a breeze to understand. Man, seriously, I practiced and my mom even screamed at me from the other room “who is here?” because she didn’t know it was me just changing my voice. Can you check out some of my new tracks when I release them with this new voice? I want you to hear the difference. It’s nuts!”

what will be revealed

The Rap Voice Trilogy Reveals:

1) How to use your natural voice that you were born with and morph and evolve it into a unique rap voice that makes you stand out.

2) A list of almost every top rap artist out and their voice type so you can compare them.

3) A 15 minute method that if used right, will mold you into something you have only dreamt of.

4) The critical mindset and ingredients to being a master of your voice and building your rap flow.

5) The E-book reveals the smartest way to get better at writing hit songs simply by doing 1 thing.

6) Ways to make yourself better subconsciously so you get better with out even thinking about it!


There are five reasons this is discounted for a VERY limited time.

  1. I remember what it was like getting started with limited time and money. Working my ass off just to get a microphone and all my other gear while just surviving. $27 puts the book within reach of ANY upcoming artist, including YOU. It’s not too expensive for any one at all. I mean, even a teenager can borrow $27 from his mom if he asked her nicely.
  2. At the same time I only want to help serious artist. There are too many wack rappers out there clogging up our news feeds and taking attention off talented, motivated people like me and you. The people willing to invest in their skills are the ones who deserve to make it.
  3. Anyone who IS serious enough to invest the price of 3 Star Buck’s coffees to buy this guide has the opportunity to develop a rap voice that will make them their money back, times 10,000!
  4. I look at this as the beginning of an ongoing relationship with you. When you see I can walk the walk, I know you’ll continue to want stuff from to grow your fan base. Which means Smart Rapper grows and we can help more people. You’re actually helping the site grow and by association you are helping others by getting Smart Rapper products.
  5. Once you get a taste of the quality content like this from me, you’ll only imagine the other things I can provide to you and you’ll happily pay full price for the other stuff I release. Trust me!

So if you’re serious about uncovering a way to develop your rap voice, click the “Get Access Button” below. If you need to justify the expense to yourself, skip 1 trip to McDonalds this week and it’s paid for.


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If you come back to this page later and see the price is higher, that means the first 3,000 copies are sold out.

here is what you get

How To Find Your Rap Voice E-book Cover

  • The Entire Find Your Rap Voice In 15 Minutes E-Book UPDATED VERSION
  • BRAND NEW BONUS: How To Get A Deeper Smoother Rap Voice E-book
  • BRAND NEW BONUS: The Secrets To Making Your Rap Voice Unique And Raspy
  • Information That Is Not Anywhere Else
  • You Will Be Surprisingly Better And More Informed Overnight
  • The E-Book is Immediately E-mailed To You
  • You Can Use Pay Pal Or Any Bank/Credit Card Safely
  • Lowest Price Guarantee!
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  • Only $27 While These Discounted Copies Last

The Find Your Rap Voice In 15 Minutes E-book +

How To Get A Deeper Smoother Rap Voice E-book +

The Secrets To Making Your Rap Voice Unique And Raspy E-book

Make Sure You Actually Put In The Effort And You’ll Grow!

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