Top 10 Best YouTube Tricks And Secrets

youtube tricksTop 10 Best YouTube Tricks And Secrets


Tip 1) Set up your Youtube logo to gain more subscribers

As an artist you should have some sort of logo for yourself. If you get a logo made you can have it sit bottom right on any video you ever make automatically as soon as you upload it to YouTube. When someone hovers their mouse over your logo, it brings up a subscribe box. This means you are upping your chances of that person subscribing to you every time someone watches one of your videos.


Tip 2) Set up your Youtube banner

A professional banner can really show people that you are a serious artist. No banner means you look amateur.

Tip 3) Set Up Your YouTube Profile Picture/Avatar

Make sure your avatar is something that catches the eye! Anytime you comment on another video, people see your avatar. Which means you have a higher chance of them coming to your YouTube channel.

Tip 4) Always comment on any video you watch

This goes along with tip 3 since everyone will see your comments easier when you have a good Avatar.

1) It increases your YouTube community.
2) Other people can see your comment and potentially go to your channel OR interact with you. You can spark up conversation and potentially create a new fan or subscriber.
3) You are already watching the video anyways… why not.

Tip 5) Consider branding all of your video thumbnails together.

What I mean is, make sure they all match so people recognize it’s YOUR CHANNEL every time they see a certain kind of video thumbnail. Notice my AsknoV videos are all red, and all my Guide videos are all Green.


Tip 6) Keep your videos under 10 minutes,
Short, concise and to the point

People are going to get their first impression from you in the first 15-30 seconds. Put your best quality in the beginning, and follow that up with more great quality all the way through.

When is the last time you sat and watched a 20 minute video that wasn’t a Ted Talk?

Tip 7) Make a bunch of play list for your channel

Not only do play list make your channel look cleaner and more professional, it also keeps the videos going 1 after another if the viewer doesn’t click to another videos. They just keep playing when they end until the end of the playlist comes.

Youtube Play List

Tip 8) Keep your popular stuff towards the top

You do this so when people come to your channel they see your BIGGEST videos. I have a list of my popular uploads towards the bottom. I only do this because I have a series I want people to see I post every week and subscribe to my channel for before they get distracted by other videos.

Tip 9) You can set a Channel Trailer or use your latest video

Most people can tell what your channel is about as soon as they see your most recent video. In my case, I upload tons of content for my fans to stay entertained. If you are uploading numerous kinds of content, a channel trailer can explain that to your potential new fan.

Tip 10) Use Software To Automate Your Channels Growth

LASTLY, There are 3 Softwares I recommend you use in order to grow your Youtube.

1st) One promotes for you while you sleep and eat. Sends messages, comments on channels and videos, subscribes and unsubscribes to channels etc.

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YouTube marketing campaign


2nd) Makes connecting with your fans, saving tons of valuable time and getting more views easier.

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Youtube cool tools

3rd) Shows you video stats on every YouTube video including your own so you know EXACTLY what is happening with your videos and other people’s videos. They can’t hide the truth 😀

Click here to check it out – Basic version is Free.

VidIQ Youtube Plug In


Another cool browser plug in is Subscription grid – it takes YouTube’s garbage subs list, and makes it easier to see the content you actually subscribed too. You can see 32 videos at once in clean rows.

Check Out YouTube Subscription Grid For Google Chrome Here


And those were my Top 10 Best YouTube Tricks And Secrets. If you do all of the above, you will watch your YouTube channel start growing faster than ever before!

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