What Do You Do If Someone Has The Same Rap Name As You


What Do You Do If Someone Has The Same Rap Name As You

1) You need a good name refrain from picking words straight out of the dictionary because you are bound to have the same name as someone else if you do that. 2) If they do have your name, I recommend that you look at their profile and see how serious they are. If they are barely posting and don’t even have links out to their music, they aren’t that serious. If they have less than 500 followers…. It comes down to seeing who makes it first with that rap name. Make sure that you Google and make sure that no one else has the rap name too.

What Do You Do If Someone Has The Same Rap Name As You

3) You could diss them and battle for the name. This I find SUPER interesting now that I thought about it. Battle the person for the name and get your fans AND their fans involved to witness the battle. You’ll both gain each others fans and is a great way to boost your career from the start. It’s a real reason to be able to diss someone and battle so do it! 4) If you REALLY want that rap name, SUPER SOLIDIFY it by going and starting yourself a domain for instance if your rap name is PROPHET start the PROPHETMUSIC and PROPHETTHERAPPER.com immediately as well as locking down any of the social media I highly recommend BH for starting domains I have dozens of them under BH I’ll put a link below that you can use to get yourself a deal on starting some domains. It’s only lik $12 to buy the website domain and only like $40 to start a website and build on it

Author: Rob Level

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