This Is What Will Make You A TRUE Smart Rapper!

This Is What Will Make You A TRUE Smart Rapper!

What a small gang. I think I’m going to continue on. A little bit on the same the same lines of No bastardy we talked about we’re talking about you know making sure your body is in the right place. And you know how a little bit of a how to go about that. You know it. More so I give a lot of my sense tiptoeing and everything like that say we’re going to talk about things that. I think are really great. You really change your life if you actually don’t take this advice and information on what I’m going to talk about. So because of that though I’m not level this Bernama you’re actually really truly honestly as usual going to get fired out of the intro. OK today I want to talk about something.

That I don’t talk about often just like I don’t talk about you know the fitness stuff because I feel like people but all that’s too much work and you but anything that’s work. Anything that’s going to make you better is going to be working. You write raps every day. It’s work even though it is a little bit fun. But you getting better deliberately practicing and really evolving to that next level that’s work it’s hard to really sit down and really. Do the things that are more complicated because you’re not used to doing them when you’re writing you’re doing it for types of patterns do all the things. That are going to make you better as a person or seem like they’re hard at first because you’re actually building. Neural pathways in your brain. Your brain your forcing. Your brain to make new connections to other parts of your brain. And that’s actually you becoming smarter. That’s why it’s hard at first then it becomes easy eventually moves into the subconscious and it’s done automatically on autopilot similar to when you ride a bike when you drive. Like when I when I first heard a great example of the. Infrastructure of driving a car.

You know and but then we you could use driving a car your brains wired to drive a car and you can use your peripherals on a normal basis.

Now I can drive a car and do this at the same time while drinking coffee and still scanning the road to stay you know staying conscious never being like that. So the thing here though I want to talk about is. Really though as much as it’s going to suck or seem like it sucks to talk about his books man.

Books have changed my life and it really is one of the reasons I feel like I can call myself smart Raburn. I shot the video minutes ago or listen to an audio book and I’m like man these books have so much damn information in my head hundreds and hundreds of books and actually abolition hundreds of books I probably only read like 20 books. OK but I use audible and I and I get books at one credit and want you listen to one book that I actually listen to two books a week so I’m always learning and growing in order to give information to smarter people with it right. Well there are some books that I want to recommend to you today that were some of the starter books that. Were very basic very common very well books but books that actually will help you change your mindset.

This Is What Will Make You A TRUE Smart Rapper!

Increase your value the value of your life and make you work harder and understand why you want to work. It’s like these books give you the knowledge you’re like oh my god yeah I should be working harder or working or how to work smarter so that when you’re working you’re getting more done like these little things. So I’m just going to off the top of my head discuss a couple of books that I really feel like you need to read that I’ve read more than once. OK. OK. Now and these are going to be in any type of order because they’re just books. Like I said off the top of my head and I’m like I love these trends. So here’s something you may have heard this before. It’s a list off with Napoleon Hill stuff we the Master Key System of riches that’s cool but I don’t have to read that one.

I recommend you read his. I actually. Think and Grow Rich. OK. Thinking Grow Rich is a fan. Tactic. Amazing Book is what is going to do is going to have you going there. Little brief break down still go read it or go go go get an audible or even be free on YouTube. You can watch the play. He’ll talk about those things in a video it’s in black and white. What’s that thing a couple times. It’s just awesome. But you’re going to write down your definite chief aim in life and your goals and it every single day it’s going to remind you. This is what you’re reaching for those which are striving to do it because you remind yourself every day. It’s going to be you’re going to work harder for it and you’re actually going to see it for yourself you’re going to keep it’s anymore forward for it. So that’s just one which is check out that whole book it’s really I’m telling you everybody I recommend that. Thank you so much.

Number two and this is such a simple book with such a simple idea. It’s called the slight edge by Jeff Olson and then another guy was a co-writer on it. Put that book just teaches you still check it out because it has a lot of lessons in it but it shows you how doing the slightest amount even if it’s just like. Reading an extra one page of a book a day puts you that one page ahead of your competition or ahead of anybody else. That little tiny bit that you do gives you the slight edge over everybody else you buy that extra 16 bar verse. You write those or four bars what I ask you to write them. Those little things as minuscule and small and useless as these seem like. Why would I just do that. It’s because when you look at it over the span of six months think about those four bars over six months. Four bars. 182 and a half days right. That the right math. Yes. Right. So that’s a lot of bars right times for like. That’s what. That’s just money for Boys a day.

Right. But the thing is that it adds up over time and things add up over time. They check that book out now. Next book I would recommend you is a 40 lost power. But this is a book that feel like you shouldn’t really read this unless you’re like. You. You know. It does have men it is a heavy book. That book blew my mind. It shut me down. It was crazy. That book isn’t saying 40 lost power by Robert Greene and another book Robert Greene is mastery I Subra highly recommend mastery with mastery does it shows you Leonardo da Vinci. Einstein do you like people in history have mastered their craft. And it shows you how K.M. their craft through. Practice and also learning something here that’s been applied over here and then in build new neural pathways in the brain that couldn’t have existed if they didn’t learn this rehears like you know even like the moment when Einstein realized the theory of relativity was because he understood something about this thing about this and combined you know and that’s where great ideas come from just out of random places because you have built up pieces and stores of knowledge in random places.

You know what I’m saying. So that’s a fantastic book as well. Actually no do for you guys. I will put a way to. Calm the page. I shall actually have this list of all the books that I’ve read some books I’ve read over 15 times like 40 laws of power and I’ll put a link there you guys and check out all those but there’s a I mean if you want to talk about.

Financial financial books you can understand a little bit about finances and how to save money and spend it the right way. You get a book like thinking are nothing more rich but I’m really rich at Port and what you probably heard of. And Richard Poret is a fantastic book that just teaches you the basics. About you know about money and how it works and when you should spend money on this and when you shouldn’t spend money on this is a fantastic amazing book. But then I mean this is as much a book to put the link below to books but I want you to know that the knowledge is power and there’s so much so so much knowledge and information and books that’s going to change your life like. For the better. Forever. Like really though you need the reading books up with the link below.

This Is What Will Make You A TRUE Smart Rapper!

Look at all those frickin books that I’ve read before. But those books that I read and I used to think books were stupid. Are you saying they were so stupid like what if you read a book but now listen to books because while I’m driving I can listen to books so I don’t have to read books. That’s not an excuse. And if you go to that link when you guys are going to see me shutting down all excuse not to do this while you’re driving anywhere driving to work from work to school from school you can listen to audio books audio books only three hours long. Wow. Right. So that means that if you’re probably driving by three hours a week imagine if there’s a whole audio book just while you’re in your car you go to the gym. You go to the gym 45 minutes to an hour.

You listen to audio book while you’re in the gym and you’re in the gym five days a week that’s five hours. That the driving. How do you think I finish two books a week. You keep going in the house. I’m working when I’m in the house. Right. But I could finish books when I’m in a car. Sometimes I listen to music. Sometimes I listen to audio books but I really try to really lean in on listening to audio books as much as possible because it helps me learn you know arms and so you just became a smart rapper. Check out the link below. Look at all those books and I even put them in categories for you. You can see also that hasn’t been updated that that actually hasn’t been updated in a year so there’s like probably there’s another 50 plus books to put on there.

But those are the ones that I started reading. And you’re going to actually you need to go check up this freaking books and books are dirt cheap and not expensive books are not expensive and you go on to be honest which you don’t nobody but you know and you could find a lot of these books the audio books and just frikken just listen to them on YouTube. And then there’s a lot of free books too but books are just freaking amazing. You need to go learn how you’re going to become smarter and really. Get ahead of the competition right now and listen to the music business if you want more in the music business. So some music business folks learn learn learn a lot of the stuff that you need to learn. What do you want to learn right now. You know I’m saying those books are how you get how to grab you how to rap to you know look up all those books. And I’m saying like I didn’t buy one of them from the books because I knew how to rap when I got them. But I guess looking back on the time I wish I had this book when I started you know there’s so much knowledge in books Goga some books and now Sophal word of the day.

Israel is one day new words to say no words of and for you were unable to leave his baby home. You’ll be smarter than you was before.

The word of the day what it takes today is mean bargain. Pretty much like these guys right here. It wasn’t a nice guy. Have. Had a. Chat. With.

Me like Hammoudi comment let me show you four bars below so you can build up that in six months and you have how many bars you know I’m saying like us you’re up ahead of people. So you get to put the bars below its practice not just for today but practice for fun. It’s practice every day. And it adds up you know what you’re going to be that everybody else who didn’t put the four bars below just for bars just do it don’t even do it for me. Do what you always do when you’re for you. You know what I’m saying. And then he knew what is described and we describe it a little and notify the police in the video so as more of a rapper. OK. All right. You know these videos. OK. And I’m going to see you get smart with another video. Of course tons of stuff coming. You know community. Go check it out live video of course. Release. We’ve already given amazing readings everything is coming together these videos and describe but man I really appreciate you all were almost 50000 scraps killing y’all killing every. Smart have a gang beat gang. You’ll see tomorrow.

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